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Business Scenarios with S/4HANA

The Business Scenario Recommendations report provides concrete recommendations for a successful SAP S/4HANA implementation.

The SAP HANA database technology and above all the S/4HANA product generation present long-standing SAP users with the largest changeover to date in connection with the operation of their ERP software. Many do not know how to use the new products sensibly, whether current transactions will continue, what it means for certain workflows in the company if functions are omitted and what advantages will result for the company as a whole.

The “Business Scenario Recommendation” (BSR) report uses individual user data to show which business scenarios the individual company can implement with SAP HANA and S/4HANA and how it can improve the transactions used. The BSR report is available free of charge to customers with an active SAP maintenance contract.

Business Scenario Recommendations:
The business case presented in one week

Business Scenario Recommendations deals specifically with the individual use of the analyzed SAP system at the current point in time. To do this, you must first extract a list of the SAP transactions and programs used from the production system (using transaction “ST03N”) using the Workload Monitor to create an overview of the business processes currently in use. The resulting ALV list is exported into one and transferred to SAP. The user usually receives a report within one week. It consists of recommendations, possible simplifications for the upcoming migration and the results in short form for managers.

The report is currently available for SAP S/4HANA Release 1610. The content for all available business scenarios is continuously updated. Recently added are Advanced Order Promising/Available to Promise and Extended Warehouse Management (Line of Business: Supply Chain), Health and Safety Management (Asset Management), Operational Contract Management, Real-Time Reporting and Monitoring and Spend Visibility (Sourcing & Procurement) as well as Product Development Foundation, Project Financials Control and Variant Configuration (R&D, Engineering).

Based on the “Business Scenario Recommendation” report, GAMBIT develops the further implementation of the new SAP technology and the business scenarios proposed in the report together with its customers.