The shortest SAP carve-out ever

The dormakaba group commissioned GAMBIT with a SAP ERP carve-out project. The biggest challenge: The IT experts only had eight days to master the project.

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The dormakaba group commissioned GAMBIT with a SAP ERP carve-out project. The biggest challenge: The IT experts only had eight days to master the project.

Only eight days to go live

The customer

The dormakaba Group is one of the world's largest providers in the security industry, headquartered in Switzerland and represented in 130 countries. The group has about 16,000 employees.

The challenge

Handover of an executable company to the buyer, no interruption of the operative business - and all this in only eight days project duration. Not possible? With GAMBIT Consulting it is.

The solution

Eight days of hard work, teamwork and concentration - and many years of experience and highest competence of the consultants. There is no other way to master such a project. But that is what GAMBIT is for.

The customer benefit

The go-live went as planned, one-day readiness, the procedure as agreed, an excellent cooperation with the responsible persons. Need we say more?

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As part of a restructuring, the dormakaba group sold its German subsidiary Provitris GmbH to an investor. It was a carve-out of a special kind, because the experts of GAMBIT had only eight days until the go-live.

It was probably the shortest carve-out of all times: The GAMBIT specialists and the project managers only had eight days at dormakaba to set up a fully operational new company within the dormakaba SAP system.

The company had agreed on the handover of this new company with the buyer of the subsidiary Provitris in order to ensure a smooth handover. In addition, the parties had agreed that the buyer should be able to continue working in the SAP system of the purchased company without downtime after the handover.

For the experts of GAMBIT such M&A projects are basically everyday business. In this case, however, the project duration proved to be a special challenge, even for the experienced specialists of GAMBIT. Because GAMBIT was to copy the company code used by Provitris GmbH, transfer all customizing and migrate relevant master data as well as sold assets (concretely stocks and assets) to the new company code - all this, however, in hardly more than one week.

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GAMBIT accepted this challenge and carried out the project in several stages: In only three days lead time GAMBIT analyzed the system and the data and created a complete project roadmap. In parallel, the GAMBIT team set up the new company for the buyer in the SAP system of dormakaba. The parameterization of the migration tools on the basis of the data to be transferred was then carried out within two days. Thus, the GAMBIT team made a complete test data transfer and, above all, an error-free acceptance possible within only two days.

After these seven days the go-live followed on the eighth day and the migration of all data in the production system within twelve hours. The following day, the new owner was able to put the new company into operation.

The GAMBIT experts had done it: They realized a go-live without downtimes, the uninterrupted continuation of all open processes on the buyer's and seller's side and the compliance with all agreements made with the buyer. Thus, the well-rehearsed GAMBIT team - also in this extremely time-critical project - met the high performance requirements of its customer, not least promoted by the particularly constructive cooperation with the dormakaba project managers.