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Data deletion and downsizing. Systematic cleanup.

In the digital era, data volumes are increasing exponentially. Currently, the global data volume doubles in 18 months. To sustainably maintain the performance of SAP production systems, data sets regularly need to be archived, exported, or cleansed. An attractive alternative to classic data archiving is the deletion of data with no further usage. This could be the case when parts of the company were sold, or if there is no more legal obligation for keeping certain data in the system.


Deletion scenarios: comprehensive, precise, flawless.

GAMBIT SAP Datenabbau

Basic data cleansing scenarios for SAP systems include:

  • Deleting clients
  • Creating shells in conjunction with client transfers
  • Deleting company codes

The client deletion scenario is not considered useful in practice, as deleting the enormous data volumes involved would take a very long time.

When conducting the scenario for shell creation and client transfer, at first a non-client copy of the source system is generated. Selected clients from the source system are successively added to the newly created target system. As a result, unnecessary data will not be imported into the new system architecture.

With the scenario “Company Code Deletion” one selects company codes no longer required. An entire and overall deletion of all related customizing, master and transaction data from the system is performed.

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SAP-certified reliability.

All deletion and downsizing scenarios offered by GAMBIT are performed using SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 software. The tools deployed meet all applicable rules and standards for compliance, traceability, verifiability, and testability.

Data and process analyses integrated into the SAP software deliver insight into potential problem areas or obstacles right at the outset of the project. For example, uncompleted intercompany transactions between objects for deletion and objects to remain could result in inconsistent data sets.

All scenarios can be pre-tested comprehensively through integrated test and simulation runs without tying up resources in the client’s specialist departments. Only when the respective transformation scenario shows a complete list of “green lights”, subsequent process and integration tests are carried out – multiple times if necessary.