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Data Transformation.

ERP systems offer the great advantage of end-to-end automation potentials for business processes. When applied to the fullest, the rationalization potential and subsequent economical effect can be of high impact for a company. As a minimum condition however in order to be able to harvest these effects, data and documents along process chains must be one-on-one.

Reality in companies oftentimes looks very different. Duplicates in material, customer and vendor master data, differing structures or non-conform spellings in data put an early end to automation efforts or the mere analyzing of processes.

In more than 500 projects, GAMBIT has developed and used standardized tools, routines and methods for harmonizing and consolidating data even across systems in order to substantially ensure their uniqueness.

Lean, undisturbed processes guarantee reduced stocks, shorter delivery times, quick payments and more satisfied customers. Besides, they are absolutely essential for preparing the implementation of digital business models.