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Master data harmonization.
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When it comes to transparent, efficient, comparable, and controllable business processes, properly defined and maintained master data are key. The quality of many companies’ master data falls short of these requirements. As a result, the above goals are virtually impossible to achieve. Even if they are achievable, expensive mapping programs and additional evaluations are required to aggregate the data – a time-consuming, error-prone process unlikely to meet compliance requirements. With our experienced consultants and proven tools and methodologies, GAMBIT offers highly efficient master data cleansing.

Master data harmonization and conversion.

GAMBIT leverages SAP-certified tools of SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 for many different kinds of master data. Popular harmonization applications are:

  • Material master data harmonization
  • Vendor master data harmonization
  • Customer master data harmonization


Completely cleansed.

SAP’s Landscape Transformation scenarios ensure the complete deletion of duplicate data sets, including historical documents. In addition to these more common applications, there are many other master data objects that can be part of a master data harmonization program.

These often include:

  • Charts of accounts
  • Characteristics and value fields
  • Product groups and hierarchies
  • Material groups and hierarchies
  • Material and document types

SAP-based conversion options and corresponding mapping architectures are available for almost all commonly used data objects.

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