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Digital transformation due diligence.
Go digital with confidence.

These days, everybody’s talking about digital transformation, the internet of things (IoT), and Industry 4.0. Closer scrutiny shows that definitions are becoming more flimsy, application examples more theoretical, and the borders between classic ERP processes and digital enhancements more fluid.

We see digital as synonymous with the use and integration of internet-based technologies such as sensors, the cloud, big data, and real-time analyses. These are used to develop new business processes or penetrate new business segments.

To better assess and align these far-reaching projects in terms of their technical feasibility in ERP solutions, GAMBIT has especially developed its Digital Transformation Due Diligence (DTDD) service.

The aim of DTDD is to gain a realistic picture of the specific requirements that have to be met by the underlying IT processes as early as possible, ideally during developing the digital business models. This enables the complex digital transformation of the company’s business processes to be iteratively compared with the transformation capability and speed of its IT.

The study allows decision-makers to assess the risk profile of a wide and varied range of project options and choose the solution that best matches their organization’s particular situation and delivers optimum value for money.

Based on insight gained from more than 20 years of transformation experience, GAMBIT has developed the SCORE methodology for processing DTDD efficiently:

SCORE stands for…

SCORE Medthodik - GAMBITs Vorgehensmodell für eine erfolgreiche Due Diligence

… and here is how it works:

The starting point is a strategy for developing a digital business model, or the digital business model itself (S). Within the scope of SCORE, the required competencies, processes, and technologies plus the company’s current status are determined and compared (C). On the basis of this analysis, various solutions are identified (O) and evaluated in terms of costs and time in line with company-specific criteria (R). This provides a reliable basis for decision-making and investment, and reconciles the expectations of all stakeholders (E).

The major advantage of SCORE is its focus on implementation. The practical options identified by GAMBIT for closing the gaps between current and target status build on the best practice models of our transformation roadmaps. Pre-structured and flexibly parameterizable costing variants and implementation schedules enable many different simulations of potential implementation configurations, resulting in a plausible choice of the ideal implementation option. The digital vision is then transformed into a digital reality, able to satisfy any client requirement.

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