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Agility as a success factor in digital business models.

Today’s customers want to purchase goods and services anytime, anywhere, and with ultra-fast delivery times. Nowadays, everyone can shop globally. This unrestricted offering of alternative products is making trends more shorter-lived than ever, drastically reducing companies’ traditional planning horizon.

These developments are being driven by the widespread availability of high-speed internet and the rapid global proliferation of the powerful smart devices that make app-based business models possible. If companies are to be equipped for this digital transformation, their organization and processes must reflect today’s rapidly changing trends. As a result, companies are being forced to replace the stable, long-term processes they formerly desired with agility.

Agile IT organizations – rethink and redirect.

IT organizations tasked with operating SAP systems have generally developed professional methods that enable them to deliver stable transactional processes.

Digital business models, with their extremely short life cycles due to ever-changing customer, market, and/or competitive requirements, are often totally at odds with these procedures. SCRUM and ASAP, complex relational databases, and integration via service bus are worlds apart. If companies are to meet agility and stability requirements, these disparate areas must be harmonized and fine-tuned in joint projects.

In integration projects for SAP ERP, SAP HCP, and non-SAP IoT platforms, GAMBIT has developed procedural models that perfectly harmonize digital agility and ERP stability. This enables digital business processes to undergo integration and regression testing across system boundaries and significantly accelerates implementation and go live.

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Digital Acceleration – analog remains analog but goes digital.

With our Digital Acceleration Program, we have joined forces with cooperation partners to create an offering designed to accelerate the introduction of digital business models and processes. The program delivers a professional solution that meets the highest demands in terms of speed of implementation, data security, and scalability.

Our Digital Acceleration Program takes as its point of departure existing analog devices with long and expensive development cycles, as deployed by billing service providers, for example. The analog signal is digitized with the help of web-capable intelligent signal converters. Preconfigured, customer-specific IoT platforms collect the encrypted information and transfer it via cloud solutions (MS Azure, Amazon Web Services, or SAP HANA Cloud Platform) to connected SAP systems.

Preconfigured and flexibly customizable process modules then initiate ERP processes and return the data required for interaction or for information provision via the same channel.