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Consolidation and harmonization
create ideal preconditions for digital business models.

The route to leveraging the latest digital technologies for automating business processes or creating new interaction options can be long or short, depending on the particular starting point and the selected strategy.

In its simplest sense, digitization means reaching clear-cut decisions based on disparate information, and using this to manage processes that must be able to run efficiently and error-free, without additional manual process controls.

When it comes to company’s internal processes, the detailed knowledge and expertise of individual staff can often help resolve anomalies and issues. By contrast, if fully digitized processes, some of which remain connected with customer systems, are to operate without interruptions, accurate and unambiguous data and rules are essential.

Fragmented ERP landscapes that have developed over the years, highly disparate software versions, or a vast array of special processes all present obstacles to introducing digital business models – obstacles that companies all too often underestimate.

GAMBIT offers many consolidation and harmonization programs designed to prepare the data basis and structures for companies’ entry into the digital age.

GAMBIT delivers these programs either as individual projects or as part of a holistic preparatory readiness study, which compares the initial IT situation with the demands of the planned digital business models.

IT consolidation programs – streamlining as a basis for digitization

Developing digital business processes across fragmented SAP system landscapes is a complex, sometimes impossible, task – particularly if the process involves unusually high demands for real-time information.

To consolidate fragmented SAP system landscapes efficiently and reliably, GAMBIT offers various SAP-certified scenarios, which have been proven in many projects:

  • Client transfer
  • Client merger
  • Company code transfer
  • Source transfer

We leverage SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 software to perform these tasks. More…

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Rapid, expert harmonization of the digital data basis

SAP systems work with organizational, master and control data. To harmonize this data, we deploy tried-and-tested tools specially developed for the purpose. Our programs include:

  • Harmonization of customer and vendor master data
  • Harmonization of material and article master data as well as prices and conditions
  • Charts of accounts harmonization
  • Introduction of parallel and/or group currencies
  • Reorganization or harmonization of profit center structures
  • Reorganization or harmonization of segments for the purpose of balance sheet reporting
  • Merger of previously separate controlling areas
  • Merger of previously separate operating concerns
  • Harmonization of characteristics and value fields
  • Harmonization of document and material types
  • Harmonization of product hierarchies

Depending on the initial situation, multiple requirements can be met simultaneously.