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Performance optimization
the cornerstone of real-time digital business processes.

Introducing and implementing digital business models places extremely high demands on processing speed and the real-time availability of process-relevant data. This is due to factors including rapidly increasing data volumes, as well as users’ expectations of ever shorter delivery times, even for customized products, and options for anytime/anywhere interaction.

Hourglasses, unresponsive browsers, late confirmation of incoming orders, inadequate traceability of order statuses, and incorrect availability information – these have no place in digital business models and are guaranteed to result in dissatisfied customers and negative customer ratings.

By developing the SAP HANA database, SAP offers a performance accelerator that uses in-memory technology to improve processing speeds by a factor ranging from 20 to several thousand.

SAP HANA without S/4 – is that possible?

Yes: There’s no problem using the SAP HANA database on SAP ERP (Release ECC) with enhancement package X. However, expert support is generally required if the transition is to deliver potentially significant performance gains. For example, MRP runs can be cut by a factor of 10 or more.

GAMBIT has developed special analytics programs that can be used to run system-wide code-readiness scans. This enables program routines that do not yield performance gains under SAP HANA, or that even negatively impact performance, to be quickly and easily identified.

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Automated SAP HANA performance tuning


GAMBIT provides efficient tools for automated rectification of program routines that are unsuitable for SAP HANA, particularly for customer-specific enhancements in the customer’s own namespace. These tools are deployed exclusively by SAP HANA-certified GAMBIT developers. Recoding has enabled performance increases of more than 95% compared with non-SAP HANA database systems.

When introducing S/4 is worthwhile.

The latest SAP generation (S/4) is optimized for SAP HANA. Structures of the SAP data model that have a particularly negative impact on performance were totally overhauled and optimized.

Although SAP has guaranteed maintenance until 2025, companies with very high volumes of documents would be well advised to transition to S/4 sooner rather than later. When digital business models are integrated, S/4 enables considerable time-savings in processes with real-time requirements that currently have to be executed in batch runs, enabling data from digital processes to be processed and provided in real time. More…