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IT Consulting.

As an SAP and IT consulting company as well as a specialist for the adaptation of entire IT system landscapes, GAMBIT offers you competent and tailor-made IT consulting for your company.

We are at your side for your specific challenges: from the development of a suitable IT corporate strategy to the technical implementation and implementation of individual software components.

For example, when it comes to implementing new regulations for financial accounting, we support you from the analysis of feasibility, through the development of a tailor-made booking and account logic, right up to testing the adjustments before and after implementation.

Our IT consultants act as partners to IT departments and management. This enables you to develop and implement timely and tailor-made solutions for your current business requirements.

You benefit from an experienced team – composed of 120 IT consultants with more than 20 years of experience and interdisciplinary competences (IT, international business etc.). More than 60 of our consultants are certified in SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0. In addition, our “operational professionals” bring certified know-how from the following special fields to your company: Certified IT Systems Manager (Certified IT Developer), Certified IT Business Manager (Certified IT Project Manager), Certified IT Business Consultant, Certified IT Marketing Manager (Certified IT Economist).

Whether medium-sized or large companies – GAMBIT supports you with professional solutions. We also offer the right solutions for different lifecycles of companies: Is your company in the growth phase, in the process of internationalisation or about to be restructured?

Are you facing challenges that involve M&A, divestment or digitization?

The IT consulting of GAMBIT strengthens you for the specific challenges in the field of tension between business and technology.

IT Restructuring of companies and groups of companies


For the first time in history, the development of global markets is no longer largely determined by the political leadership of industrial nations or the management of large corporations, but by technical innovations, especially in the field of information technology.

The products of the Old Economy have reached a high degree of maturity in their development cycle. The technical innovations – especially in the IT area – are often of a disruptive nature. Players of all sizes need to rethink, expand or focus their business model in order to remain competitive.

Regardless of this trend, situations may arise in which a reorganisation or restructuring of the IT infrastructure contributes to value creation:

  • By spinning off divisions into independent companies, potential can be leveraged, as a smaller division can act more agile.
  • In a merger, the newly created interfaces between two IT departments must transfer data without loss in order to take full advantage of the merger.
  • The organization according to profit centers, distribution channels or customer groups is a change from which marketing benefits, but which also has a strong effect on the IT systems you use. This also applies to your SAP software.

The more complex a company’s SAP landscape is, the more complicated and time-consuming IT transformation becomes.

GAMBIT has developed a best-practice approach to advise you professionally on the reorganization of your SAP systems and the corresponding IT. We show you different ways of system integration and make a comprehensible recommendation for the optimal roadmap.

Our consulting by experienced IT consultants provides you with a solid management basis on which you can make your decision and better align your company to the requirements of the market.

SAP Application Management

Some companies are building up their own SAP know-how in IT. We welcome this development and see ourselves as a partner consultant for our colleagues in your company. The SAP Application Management Service Model does not present you with an “either-or decision”. We offer an individual mix of own and external services. Especially after the introduction of new IT systems, capacity peaks in service level management can occur. We are happy to support you on demand in the affected areas and develop target-oriented strategies for implementation.

Innovation through SAP Application Management

Despite existing competence, lived and proven processes can imperceptibly lead to stagnation at an employer after years. In such a case we bring in fresh perspectives as a service provider. Based on the knowledge our specialists have acquired in practice, we recommend pragmatic solutions and strategies that also appear promising for the future.

In this way, existing business processes can also be continuously improved and adapted to a constantly growing degree of complexity.


IFRS 15 / SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting

SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting helps companies to comply with International Financial Reporting Standard 15 (IFRS 15). The application represents an ideal basis for annual financial statements according to international standards. This creates internationally more comparable balance sheets for potential investors. This can be advantageous for listed companies and those wishing to raise funds on the capital market.

GAMBIT advises and supports the implementation of SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting.

  • We form the interface between the accounting processes and the connection to the existing IT infrastructure.
  • We draw your attention to various customizing options and configure the tool to suit your company’s needs.

We migrate the legacy data into the current system and train your employees, if desired, so that work with SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting can be started quickly.

IT Consulting: Comparability through harmonization of data

In order to manage a company efficiently, management in almost every industry must have meaningful key figures at their disposal. With increasing company size and corresponding data volumes, this becomes all the more important, but also more demanding.

In the national companies, however, other perspectives may exist – historically grown – which seem meaningful for the respective national company – which complicate a summary from the Group’s point of view. It is also possible that key figures such as cost center or profit center were simply defined without reconciliation.

SAP has excellent tools to provide management with data for a company’s strategy. However, the prerequisite for this is that the corresponding key figures are harmonized accordingly before system integration. Only then can the available figures be efficiently analyzed and recommendations for action derived from them, instead of having to laboriously interpret or translate heterogeneous data sets.

GAMBIT provides conversion tools and experienced consultants to perform SAP harmonizations that cannot be implemented with the settings within SAP itself.

After harmonization, you achieve a higher degree of intercompany reconciliation and you can compare different locations in real time. Future SAP rollouts are also simplified.

Shared Services as part of the IT consulting of GAMBIT Consulting

Shared services lead to the efficient use of resources. Two classic scenarios are representative regulation and the bundling of tasks. For rare or seasonal tasks that require a deep understanding, it makes sense to install a central workflow specialist.

However, there must be a uniform platform for both representative regulation and bundling as a prerequisite for efficient work. This is the only way to provide the service of taking over another person’s work.

SAP can provide excellent support in the areas of accounting/accounting, reporting and cash management/clearing with its tools, provided that the software and processes have been harmonized.

We can advise you on this harmonisation and bring about the necessary standardisation of your IT.

SAP module consulting

Do you encounter challenges in the day-to-day application of SAP in various areas – no problem? Within the scope of module consulting, GAMBIT eliminates problems in daily handling so that processes become more efficient.

GAMBIT not only has excellent knowledge of SAP modules, but has also managed many consulting projects in various industries. With each project, our sense of how modules should be used to support your business processes in the best possible way – from the working level to management.

In our experience, it pays to have a partner at your side who has a deeper knowledge of the interlocking of data within a module and among the modules themselves.

Experienced IT experts will be happy to advise you on how to use the individual SAP modules particularly efficiently and how you can achieve greater transparency by linking the modules together.

SAP Modulberatung

SAP FI Consulting – Finance

With this module you mainly create the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement. SAP FI is further divided into the components General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Bank Accounting, Special Purpose Ledger, and Travel Management.

SAP FI is a good example of the interlocking of SAP modules. The financially relevant data is linked to the flow of goods (purchasing/production/sales). The GAMBIT IT experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of the SAP FI module.

SAP CO Consulting – Controlling

SAP CO provides Controlling with a comprehensive overview of the costs incurred, for example, for material, further processing, storage and sales/marketing of a product.

Knowing these costs offers excellent control options for production. With the data obtained, the marketing mix of product, price, advertising and distribution can also be fine-tuned.

Components of SAP CO are Overhead Cost Controlling, Product Cost, Profitability Analysis and Profit Center Accounting.

SAP SD Consulting – Sales & Distribution

Sales and Distribution is better than the German word Vertrieb. SAP SD specializes in the tasks that initiate and complete sales. Quotations are prepared, incoming orders are documented and the goods are dispatched including invoicing.

The SAP SD module is therefore strongly linked to the SAP modules Materials Management MM and Financial Accounting FI. The GAMBIT IT experts will gladly inform, train and advise you on the potentials of this module.

SAP MM Consulting – Materials Management

As a merchandise management system, the flow of goods can be organized and controlled in SAP MM. From planning to procurement, sources to suppliers, the allocation of article numbers to warehousing including inventory.

Stronger links exist with Sales & Distribution and invoicing within the financial industry FI.

SAP PP Consulting – Production Planning

Efficient production planning and control, for example, can reduce capital tied up in warehousing and increase free cash flow. However, just-in-time delivery requires an excellent overview in real time. SAP PP gives you an overview of deliveries, production and purchase orders. The GAMBIT IT consultants will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of this module.

SAP QM Consulting – Quality Management

Maintaining high quality includes the purchase of raw materials or semi-finished products of good quality, flawless further processing and at least a final inspection. The test criteria include, for example, the test and measuring equipment. For the comparability of the test results a standardization of the test procedures and the documentation of the results is of importance.

Quality notifications also include information that comes from outside the company: customer complaints.

SAP BW Consulting – Business Warehouse

SAP BW consists of databases and database management tools and is excellently equipped for creating reports and analyses for the management level. Based on the reports, the management of a company can make decisions that are supported by objective figures.

SAP PS Consulting – Project System

This module facilitates the planning of projects. Projects of any size can be realized more easily if the deadlines and costs are managed using a professional tool such as SAP PS. SAP PS provides you with a platform to which the various specialists involved (e.g. IT, finance department, management level) have equal access.

SAP CS Module Consulting – Customer Service

Customer service is not just about service. In the after-sales business, you can also leverage considerable potential. From the data and analyses obtained, product improvements can be derived and meaningful service intervals for inspection and maintenance can be defined.

It is conceivable that a product could be assigned the various services provided, including service and repairs, over the entire life cycle of the product on the basis of the device number. This would be an excellent source to assess the value added within a product range.