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Vendor Due Diligence.

Don’t let IT ruin everything.

The importance of IT in a successful M&A transaction generally receives more attention on the buy side than on the sell side.

However, untapped potential can also be found on the sell side: By identifying risks and eliminating vulnerabilities, a well-planned vendor due diligence phase can safeguard the potential sales revenue for the planned divestment, simplifying and accelerating the carve-out as a result.

Identify risks before the buyer does.

On the sell side, vendor due diligence has repeatedly proven its worth in identifying potential problems relating to value or to legal/tax issues before the sale is put on the market. It is usually carried out for the entire transaction as well as for IT-related aspects.

In this way, potential deal breakers, vulnerabilities, or loopholes can be eliminated at an early stage. The vendor can therefore ensure that these open issues, which the buyer will perceive as risks, do not hamper negotiations or erode the value of the sale.

Vendor Due Diligence.

The death of the deal breaker.

Depending on the divestment strategy and target buyers, vendor due diligence can go so far as to include logically separating the entity from an IT perspective before the carve-out. This simplifies the carve-out significantly, at least with respect to IT. What distinguishes GAMBIT in its vendor due diligence is its extensive experience with IT carve-outs.

GAMBIT therefore knows exactly which potential pain points need to be considered and eliminated.

GAMBIT’s vendor due diligence focuses on aspects including:

  • Detailed elaboration of the vendor’s own strengths
  • Examination and elimination of deal breakers and legal loopholes
  • Objective assessment of separation potential
  • Overall IT analysis for submission to potential buyers
  • Risk assessment to strengthen the vendor’s position during purchase price negotiations
  • A smooth day one
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