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Master Data Management (MDM).
Professional management of your data.

The establishment of consistent reporting, the use of fully automated intercompany processes, overviews of sales and purchasing volumes: clean master data is the very basic requirement for using the full efficiency and transparency potential of SAP.

If, for example, the master data is not consistent, up-to-date, or it contains double entries, the aforementioned goals cannot be achieved without time-consuming mapping programs or manual and thus error-prone reworking.

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MDM programs – the basis for long-term success

GAMBIT regards master data management as a program, not just a one-time action. Besides the cleansing of historical data stocks, the prime focus is the assurance of long-term up-to-dateness of the master data.

GAMBIT MDM programs qualify master data according to various criteria. These include, among others:

  • Quantity structure of data
  • Frequency of the creation and maintenance of data
  • Skill maintenance for experts and working groups
  • Data requirements regarding availability, validity, and distribution
  • Use of data in intercompany processes

The design of target processes, the assignment of organizational responsibilities, as well as the implementation of necessary tools in SAP and the IT environment are all carried out considering the above criteria.

Master data harmonization. Master data conversion.

Frequent harmonization applications are

  • Master data harmonization
  • Accounts payable harmonization
  • Customer master data harmonization.

In addition to the more common data harmonization applications like material or customer master data, or accounts payables, there are a multitude of other master data objects that can be part of an MDM program. These frequently include:

  • Material and document types
  • Characteristics and value fields
  • Product groups and hierarchies
  • Goods groups and hierarchies

GAMBIT deploys a variety of SAP-certified tools from the SAP component SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0. For nearly all common data objects, proven SAP-based conversion possibilities and corresponding mapping architectures can be used. More…