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Merger & Acquisition – Carve out.
Keep your eyes on day 1 readiness.

When companies or parts of companies are acquired or sold, both parties involved often have to separate their SAP or ERP system landscapes (or entire IT architectures) in addition to the myriad of contractual and organizational activities required. For the acquiring party, ensuring that its new business operations continue without disruption (also known as day-one readiness) has the highest priority. Thanks to our tried-and-tested tools and methodologies, GAMBIT is highly proficient in all forms of carve-outs. This includes everything from the simple extraction of business units already isolated from live SAP systems to the most complex separation projects, which can involve a web of technical and organizational links spanning corporations that operate all around the world.

Identify the right SAP carve-out scenario early on. It’s key!

We’ve distilled the essence of numerous carve-out projects down to a guide that enables us to identify each of our customers’ current and target scenarios quickly and efficiently, and we derive a range of possible actions to take.

Our standardized system and process analyses are capable of detecting potential obstacles and ways to eliminate or minimize them as early as the planning phase, even in highly complex system architectures. After working with you to select the right carve-out scenario for your business, we’ll discuss the scope, scheduling, milestones, and deadlines involved in your project and install the transformation tools you require.

GAMBIT’s free analysis service

Take advantage of our extensive experience by having us perform a FREE check-up on your current situation.

Purchase or sale. Assets or shares. Retroactive or prospective.
Our methodologies cover every variant you can think of.

GAMBIT carries out system separations for both buyer as well as seller transactions. The integration of a sold business unit often takes place long before the sale itself is officially announced. GAMBIT collaborates on projects of this kind with leading providers of transaction advisory services worldwide. Among other benefits, thoroughly prepared carve-outs reduce potential price deductions that might otherwise be demanded by a purchasing party.

On the acquisition side, SAP carve-out projects are usually commissioned between signing and closing or after closing. These endeavors, which are often subject to tight schedules, include both the technical planning and execution of the carve-out and the coordination of necessary IT activities between buyer and seller. We also take responsibility for planning and supporting the transformation of entire system architectures into formats compatible with the buyer’s infrastructure.