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IT M&A Consulting
IT as value driver in M&A transactions

Despite careful selection of the object of purchase, the acquisition of a company is not automatically a success for the investor. Well over half of the acquisitions do not meet investors’ expectations. There are many reasons for this. Even if the products or markets complement each other optimally, only a target-oriented post-merger integration (PMI) determines whether the acquisition will actually be a commercial success. In addition to insufficient preparation for integration, IT problems often prevent the takeover of a company from running smoothly and successfully. If IT problems occur in the transaction, this often results in delivery interruptions, extra investments and the endangerment of planned synergies.

IT M&A Consulting – to make the deal a success

To make your M&A transaction a success story, GAMBIT Consulting is one of the few IT consulting firms to offer an end-to-end service for IT in M&A transactions. This minimizes risk and maximizes synergies.

In this way, we provide optimal support and advice at every stage of an M&A transaction:

  • Before the transaction: Examination of the buyer’s IT with regard to the integration of an acquisition
  • During due diligence: risk analyses, synergies, carve-out, day 1 and integration
  • Day 1: Ensuring uninterrupted operation (with TSA)
  • After closing: Realizing synergies and ensuring integration