GAMBIT’s expansion: Laying a foundation for future growth

When we moved into our new headquarters in 2013, we marveled at all the space we thought we had; in the meantime, however, our offices have long since started bursting at the seams once more. For a certain amount of time, that’s something we can deal with, in part because it helps all of our new colleagues get acclimated in short order. Eventually, though, people need quieter workspaces where they can take care of complicated programming and design tasks. In early 2016, approval was granted for an investment plan involving the construction of a 2,000-square-meter facility on a neighboring property that GAMBIT had reserved – a prescient move, as it turned out! Since then, work at the site has progressed at an astonishing pace. Windows are already being installed in our new four-story building, which means the interior work is about to commence. Meanwhile, a dedicated team is taking care of the spatial and communication concepts, furnishings, and figuring out who will sit where. This involves incorporating quite a few viewpoints into a coherent overall concept. Our construction project is right on schedule, and if the coming winter isn’t too severe, we’ll be telling many of our employees to pack their things and find their new workspaces at the end of Q2 2017.

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