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E3-Magazine: AI assistants open new ways

Keyvisual e3 artikel

In an article for the E-3 magazine the AI experts of Nooxit and GAMBIT Consulting now report about the chances which arise for companies by working with AI assistants.

Assistants of this kind can now also be used to control SAP core processes in SAP systems - for example, when reversing documents or maintaining master data.

The digital AI assistants are based on machine learning and deep learning technologies. They learn from historical data and recognize certain patterns in it. By applying what has been learned, the assistants relieve employees of monotonous tasks and reduce the error rate. In this way, many management and controlling processes in companies can be further improved and costs saved.

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However, the authors also point out in their article that companies must clarify certain aspects in advance of an assignment. This includes, for example, the question of how exactly the AI models have to be trained and adjusted when they are used in a highly individualized SAP ERP system in a company.

Andres Breitrück, author of the article

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You have questions about the digital plug-and-play AI assistants and would like to talk to the developers? Then you are welcome to get in touch with the LinkedIn profiles: with Nooxit founder and CEO David Weber, with the Head of Machine Learning and co-founder of Nooxit Jendrik Jördening as well as with Andreas Breitrück, Head of Product, Innovation & Pre-Sales Management at GAMBIT Consulting.