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"Optimizing processes through IT and thus ensuring greater efficiency in companies - that's what drives me as a consultant."

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"Optimizing processes through IT and thus ensuring greater efficiency in companies - that's what drives me as a consultant."

When sailing she has the smell of the Mediterranean in her nose, when hunting the smell of the forest, when cooking the aroma of a Coq au Vin - if her three favourite hobbies are concerned, Luisa would probably have got along very well with Ernest Hemingway. And who knows, maybe she could have infected him with her enthusiasm for IT, finance and numbers. Luisa studied business administration in Cologne and Rotterdam and completed her master's degree at Copenhagen Business School. She has been a consultant at GAMBIT Consulting since the beginning of 2016 and CISA certified since 2018. Luisa has already planned and managed a number of IT due diligences.

Luisa works as a consultant and project manager, primarily in the areas of IT due diligence and M&A. She also advises companies on SAP controlling.

Luisa's current projects

IT Due Diligence at Atotech

The chemical company was about to take over a software company from Belarus. With an IT Due Diligence Atotech secured itself against the biggest IT risks - with the help of GAMBIT Consulting.

SAP S/4HANA Implementation at a subsidiary of Basler AG

After purchasing Silicon Software, Basler introduced SAP S/4HANA there. Luisa led the project and worked with her team on the architecture of the target system. Very important: the SAP Best Practice approach.

IT Due Diligence at Continental

Day1 readiness risks, downsizing potential of the application landscape, TSA - Luisa analyzed and assessed which risks exist after a management buy-out from a group for the operation of IT.

Harmonisation of FI/CO value flows for VDM

The VDM Metals Group wanted to make its controlling more transparent and faster and reduce non-SAP activities. GAMBIT introduced a profit center accounting system - thus harmonizing value flows and reporting.

Luisa's favourite posts in the GAMBIT Wiki

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What is IT Due Diligence?

In my current article, I explain why companies should carry out IT due diligence prior to transactions.

What is IT Due Diligence?