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"I always see a project as a team effort. Together with our customers, we develop suitable solutions."

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"I always see a project as a team effort. Together with our customers, we develop suitable solutions."

Out of the comfort zone! If you want, you can describe Mareike's entire professional life with this sentence. However, her start at GAMBIT in spring 2021 falls into this category. Because after more than ten years in accounting - from the classic start as a business economist in auditing to commercial management to a consultant in corporate accounting - Mareike ventured into a new professional environment, as an SAP consultant in the field of finance.

"I love accounting, but I really wanted to do something new. My plan was to use my knowledge from the field to advise companies in an area that has always fascinated me: in SAP." To be sure, the new job wasn't always easy at first. "After all, I suddenly found myself in an area I didn't know like the back of my hand," she says. In the end, however, what had always carried her through paid off. "My enthusiasm for numbers and laws, my open way of approaching people and, most of all, the confidence that if I worked hard, I'd be able to pull it off."

Giving the mother of two confidence in her move was the support of her family - and also that of GAMBIT. "Being able to do a job like this as the wife of a husband who also works and as the mother of two young children is unfortunately still not something that can be taken for granted today - it's great that GAMBIT as an employer here does everything it can to make that possible."

Mareike is a Senior Consultant in the SAP Finance team at GAMBIT. She is a specialist for SAP Group Reporting, Group Accounting and Group Reporting.


Implementation of SAP Group Reporting in Switzerland

As sub-project manager for the implementation of SAP Group Reporting at a Swiss corporation, Mareike is responsible for the design and implementation of the consolidation process in SAP.

SAP Group Reporting in the manufacturing industry

A manufacturer of network technology introduces SAP Central Finance. Based on this, Mareike is responsible for the implementation of Group Reporting for the mapping of the consolidation process according to USGAAP.

Implementation of a carve-out project

Mareike supported the project team in the area of finance during the carve-out of a company code with subsequent company code deletion.

Roadmap for SAP S/4HANA

A global provider of energy management solutions is implementing SAP S/4HANA in more than 30 countries on 5 continents. Mareike worked on the preliminary investigation as a Senior Consultant Finance.

Mareikes current favorite topic
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The consolidation process with SAP Group Reporting

Check out my video on YouTube. There I show the process live in the system!

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