Chart of accounts conversion with SAP LT 2.0

There are various reasons for a change in the chart of accounts. For example, a company may want to introduce a more detailed structure to the chart of accounts. This means, however, that one or more additional digits must be added to the existing account numbers. Or the company may want to simplify the existing chart of accounts, for example, by merging accounts. In addition, a company may also want to introduce a new, uniform chart of accounts - and subsidiaries may have to replace their existing chart of accounts.

SAP provides a standard template for the chart of accounts conversion. It includes numerous transformation solutions, including required (for example, archive analysis, chart of accounts conversion, coding scan or account mapping check) and optional (SAP NetWeaver BW Analysis and ECC Business Application Analysis) solutions. The prerequisite for the chart of accounts conversion is that the company has implemented SAP Landscape Transformation.

In a first step, companies must now copy the standard template. Then the template must be adapted to the respective project framework. The standard execution plan then comprises the following phases, which build on each other: Project preparation (estimating the project scope, checking the feasibility), project planning and blueprint (creating the mapping and blueprint), test conversions (the type and scope of the tests depend on the configuration of the respective SAP System) and going live and support. From the execution plan, you go to the respective systems to perform the required activities. At least two complete test cycles are required before going live.