What tips do you have for my application?

As is so often the case, first impressions count for quite a lot. So your documents should be professionally designed, complete, stringent and coherent. We pay particular attention to your professional background and your practical experience. Furthermore, we are interested in why you are interested in the field of management consulting and SAP consulting and why GAMBIT in particular attracts you as an employer.

Furthermore, some information about you as a person should not be missing. We think it is nice to get to know you a little bit better and to learn about your hobbies, what you do in your free time and what else distinguishes you. What, for example, drives you? Have you perhaps taken on voluntary work, for example as a coach for a youth team in a sports club? Or do you play an instrument in a band or play in an orchestra?

Why we would be happy if you tell us one or two things about yourself? Because we make sure that our employees fit in with us and share the same values. What makes you as a person and what inspires you is therefore - in addition to your professional qualifications - very important for us.

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Do you have further questions? Sabine Goebbels, Director Human Ressources Do you have further questions?

Feel free to contact me. My team and I are at your disposal for all questions concerning your career at GAMBIT. We are looking forward to you!

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