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SAP application management.
Continuous improvement.

GAMBIT doesn’t lose clients. One reason for this is that we offer application management services following new SAP implementations or transformations. Our services reach far beyond classic user or application support.

Our service portfolio offers support for existing client IT organizations struggling with insufficient in-house capacities and expertise. We enable companies to keep the quality of their service levels and help ensure ongoing improvements in the development of their SAP landscapes.

No obligation to buy. High added value.

The GAMBIT application management service model does not require clients to make an either/or decision as we are convinced that customers should use as much of their own valuable process and implementation expertise as possible. We recommend finding a tailored mix of internal and external services – based on commercial criteria and SLA’s.

That’s why we offer application management services on demand with no obligation to buy. Our customers can be sure that their inquiries will be taken care of with the current applicable standards.

Application management as a continuous innovation.

All our clients run SAP with their own resources: highly trained staff familiar with their company’s internal processes, which they master in day-to-day operations. However, as the years go by, there is a risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. Through our services, we complement these teams with our external innovation expertise, as well as insights into best practice processes from other companies. In regular dialogue with our clients, we suggest solutions and improvements for certain business operations which will be taken into consideration and evaluated by their IT departments. This enables existing processes to be continuously improved and kept up to date.

Focusing on the questions of more than 10,000 SAP experts.


Over more than 20 years, GAMBIT has been supporting clients worldwide with our application management services.

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