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SAP system consolidations. Make one out of many.

Most SAP system environments have grown over years or even decades – many of them under time pressure or conditions that did not place the focus on a consistent overall architecture. There are many reasons for the consolidation of fragmented SAP system environments. A few examples are: multi-channel sales models, new preparations for digital business models, augmented concentration of production capacities, co-operations, or systems added through M&A transactions, which were never integrated (PMI).

Greenfield versus brownfield.
Which approach is right?

GAMBIT offers different basic scenarios for the consolidation of fragmented SAP system environments.

  • Client transfer
  • Client consolidation
  • Company code transfer
  • Source transfer

All scenarios are SAP-certified and part of the SAP component SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 for which GAMBIT holds the SAP Recognized Expertise award.

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From very simple to the greatest complexity. Everything is possible!

GAMBIT has the experience and offers best practice models for successful projects of the greatest complexity, taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned conditions. Purely technical consolidations can generally be done in shorter time periods and at low cost. With increasing harmonization requests, project complexity increases. Additional work by the customer, technical dependencies, accompanying sequence plannings, tests, and documentations must be attuned to one another in order to ensure the traceability of all concerned systems.