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Finance and controlling.
Business performance management in real time.

Figures, data, and facts are the basis of modern company controlling and of nearly every SAP implementation. Terms like asset accounting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable or levies, internal cost allocations, characteristics, and profit centers do not sound exciting. But they are.

With a changing digital business world and increasing legal requirements, especially mass data value flows of companies are under the radar and must to be uniquely identifiable, correct and timely available.

Great business needs a solid foundation.

Transparency, agility, and compliance are ensured through homogeneous master data and unified value flow models along the SAP components FI, CO, PS, BI, SEM-BCS, and connected third-party systems.

In addition to our continuous SAP component expertise, GAMBIT offers a multitude of SAP tools which serve as highly efficient means for integrating and harmonizing value flow models. These include, for example:

  • Migration to the new general ledger (NewGL)
  • Chart of accounts harmonization
  • Harmonization of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Consolidation of controlling areas
  • Consolidation of result areas
  • Reorganization of profit center structures
  • Reorganization of financial segments
  • Introduction of shortened fiscal years with retroactive resetting of the year counter

You want efficient value flows!

GAMBIT is specialized in setting up value flows even in operational SAP systems, considering strategic, market, and competition-relevant aspects as well as legal, finance and tax requirements. Special programs for this are for example:

In cooperation with global leading business auditing and tax advising companies, GAMBIT has developed tested procedural models.

The high point.
All information in real time.

With the development of the HANA database, SAP has provided a performance accelerator that guarantees the processing and provision of value flows and corresponding data in real time. Board early. And reap real business improvements thanks to SAP HANA.

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