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Manufacturing, Logistics, SCM.

Increase performance. Meet customer expectations.

Manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management – from the perspective of customers and markets, these terms primarily stand for quality, availability, flexibility, and delivery performance. Indicators closely monitored and effectively managed through published customer ratings. More progressive companies, which are increasingly tackling the challenges of changing requirements in the digital era, are turning away from the traditional silo-based optimization mindset.

Digital performance programs from GAMBIT.

GAMBIT solutions are designed to meet our clients’ high expectations. The core issues addressed are:

  • Flexibilization and full automation of manufacturing facilities
  • Integration of sensor systems into machine control and flexibilization of line-based manufacturing processes – including active analog machine control systems via IoT platforms
  • Warehouse management automation, connecting RFID and IoT technologies
  • Connecting in-house and external logistics systems in order to track statuses for internal and external logistics tracking by means of cloud solutions.

Lot size 1. It doesn’t get more flexible.

In extreme cases, systems have to be able to offer lot size quantities of 1 which customers will individually configure and release. Business models of this kind require not only tried-and-tested applications on suitable mobile end devices, but also the highest levels of flexibility when it comes to SAP bills of materials, recipe management, and routings. GAMBIT has implementation models designed to flexibilize the relevant master data objects in SAP systems while taking existing quality standards into account.

Customer supply chain management.

The scope of supply chain management is steadily expanding. Matters become critical if customers participate directly in processes that in the past were managed internally. This can take the form of them actively specifying individual products or passively monitoring agreed delivery performances over the internet.

GAMBIT can integrate B2B and B2C customers actively or passively into existing supply chains and provide information exchange for all process data in real time.

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