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Sales. Distribution. CRM. Mobile.
Digital changes everything.

Winning customers over and keeping them loyal for the long term – these are goals that are not new but nevertheless present a constant challenge for everybody. As if this was not enough, these challenges now include a highly complex technical dimension. In order to be able to prevail in the world with Internet-based business models, complete transparency of quotation, price, and delivery performance, new technology-based answers are needed.

Customer loyalty.
Factor no. 1 for long-term success in the business.

GAMBIT has seasoned skill in using a multitude of digital process models to link up transactional processes with ERP systems and B2B or B2C platforms. This basis allows us to constantly readjust sales models and establish innovative customer loyalty programs.

SAP ERP delivers real-time information about customers. Enriched by market information and data from direct customer interactions, active control of the customer journey with reliable trend statements now becomes a reality which clearly provides added value to the sales process.

Digitally empowered.
Accelerate your sales models.

In cooperation with partners, GAMBIT operates IoT platforms ready to use, programmed to suit individual customer requirements in a very short time. In addition, GAMBIT holds technologies to retrofit analog products and make them ready to compete digitally.

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