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Service and maintenance.
Go predictive!

In the past, many companies have established and optimized their service business or after-market business. The usual reasons for this are:

  • Margins to be achieved in the spare parts business and with maintenance contracts are often significantly higher than in OEM business
  • Even if customers purchase globally at the most favorable conditions, service must frequently be performed locally.
  • More possibilities for creating long-term customer loyalty during the product and customer life cycle

In the standard version, SAP offers a multitude of possibilities for supporting service processes professionally. GAMBIT has a command of all tools and functions for the mapping of these processes in SAP and has incorporated these into a multitude of successfully completed projects.

Let sensor data run the job.
Machines talk Internet today.

In the past, service and deployment planning for technicians was done primarily on the basis of many years of experience, producing outstanding results.

The Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 offer substantially expanded possibilities to provide technical maintenance services based on real demands of customer equipments. Smart sensors on these external systems will transmit current load and wear levels via Internet directly into your SAP system, triggering spare parts purchases in SAP and synchronizing these with the planning of technicians. Also, initial parts lists are updated in parallel, in case a part other than originally installed needs to be used. This form of data processing enables wear predictions in real time with significantly increased precision.

These new achievements of maximum system availability and minimal unplanned machine breakdowns are the prerequisite for 5-star customer ratings which nowadays are vital for a successful business. Service technicians appearing punctual on-site, and bringing all parts needed, will be the icing on the customer’s cake.

GAMBIT can send, receive, manage, and execute ERP-relevant rule sets for digital or analog transmissions of data for assets under the strictest data privacy requirements, regardless of whether senders are local or globally spread.

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