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OBT. SAP Object Based Transformation.

SAP OBT is a tool that enables object-based transfer of data content, with and without conversion routines, across system boundaries. The object-based structure of the toolset allows even the most complex transfers to be parameterized and implemented in line with clients’ specific requirements. Compared to conventional LSMW procedures, data volumes in the terabyte range present no problems.

Good to know: GAMBIT is the only company other than SAP that deploys OBT.

Very popular. The company code transfer.

The most popular example of OBT-based data transfers is the company code transfer from an SAP source to an SAP target system. Company code transfers are an attractive option when fragmented SAP system landscapes are to be consolidated, or in post-merger integrations where the associated replacement of acquired SAP systems has to be completed rapidly.

Simple. Fast. Affordable.
1:1 transfers with full data history.

Most 1:1 transfers are especially effective for short project durations, low integration budgets, and flexible adaptation options following the transfer. These are the key benefits of this integration variant. In addition, simple conversions can easily be carried out in a single integration step. This offers the opportunity to perform desired adjustments or harmonization acitivities subsequently (e.g. chart of accounts, controlling area, or operating concern). Historical data sets are usually transferred entirely as well, so that the system migration can be completed without any loss of data.

Maximum transfer complexity. Managed by GAMBIT.

When integration requirements increase, so do project complexity and difficulty. If for example company code transfers are to be carried out across systems in parallel with master and/or control data harmonization, the project complexity increases significantly. GAMBIT specializes in professionally executing even the most difficult and complex projects in collaboration with all specialist departments involved, using a holistic approach. This means considering all relevant business and technical aspects, as well as providing single-sourced project management for all required activities. When such transfers are handled while charts of accounts are harmonized, all mapping routines and necessary conversions need to be adjusted carefully in order to meet the mandatory documentation requirements for transparency and compliance.

The OBT cockpit.
Professional comparison of data objects in source and target systems.

SAP Object Based Transformation

SAP offers professional OBT software which analyzes the general feasibility as well as object-based differences between source and target systems. These reports are generally performed before project kicks-off in order to systematically analyze various business configurations and to identify harmonization requirements at an early stage. This helps to eliminate subsequent extra work or unwelcome surprises during project work and associated delays to approved timelines.