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SAP S/4HANA roadmap.

It’s not even about “if” anymore.

The “when” of pending S/4HANA implementations – at least for visionary SAP users with innovative business processes – is already a fact: in the short to medium term. That leaves the “how” of the matter. A technological transition of this caliber is no picnic, after all. That’s why we work with our customers on developing tailored SAP S/4HANA road maps that unlock the performance gains this technology already makes possible in SAP ERP. As a result, the digital processes you plan to implement need not founder due to your ERP landscape.

In introducing S/4HANA as the successor to SAP ECC, SAP has begun offering a technological platform companies can use as a basis for running innovative digital business models with a high degree of efficiency. No wonder that about two-thirds of SAP users are currently considering an early switch to the next-generation products in the latest SAP ERP suite already available today.

Design your future with GAMBIT.

Our goal is to collaborate with you on plotting out a specific road map to SAP S/4HANA that factors in your company’s strategy and the technologies and processes you already have in place. These efforts include joint workshops in which we take all of the aspects into account that will change in the course of your S/4HANA ERP implementation – from the organization of your company’s structures, workflows, and IT architecture to individual functions and applications. Therefore, we work closely with your executive management team, IT specialists, and employees whose everyday routines will be made easier by SAP S/4HANA.

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Fresh implementation or conversion?

Whether the destination of your own road map is a fresh implementation, a conversion of your current system, or a parallel transformation involving the consolidation of multiple systems, GAMBIT will provide you with the precise support you need. Our knowledge of the new opportunities of S/4HANA enables us to optimize process chains and boost system performance. The expertise we’ve built up in over 500 successful transformation and migration projects ensures smooth implementations with minimal downtime.

S/4HANA implementation projects carry considerable strategic significance. This technology is capable of accelerating complex, CPU-intensive processes in compelling ways, and its new interface makes it easy to use – thanks to SAP Fiori. S/4HANA supports a diverse array of new business models that tap into the full potential of other new technologies, such as big data, real-time processes, and the constantly improving capabilities and availability of online and mobile devices. For companies like yours, implementing S/4HANA represents a key milestone in turning the challenges of digital transformation into great opportunities for your business.