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Information technology today undergoes a deep shift in their role for companies, crossing all industrial branches. Digital technologies prepare the ground for new business models, or even making them possible in the first place. Those key words: Digital Transformation! IT today has become a highly influential, strategic factor for the value chains of businesses. A company’s IT strategy and its operations at large need to be aligned with the latest trends and possibilities presented by the digital world, as this has become a catalyst for integrating new online technologies with processes that serve forward oriented business models.

Which possibilities and possible trends in digital technology do we see emerge? This needs to be analyzed and aligned with the business strategy of a company, aiming toward developing tailor made IT strategies. GAMBIT supports clients in formulating the right Strategic IT. We are specialized in auditing of IT organizations and processes, gearing towards fitting them in the best possible way into the strategic business goals of the company.

In our SCORE models, we have developed methods which take into account your strategic objectives and determine how to achieve them using the opportunities offered by cutting-edge IT. We identify and address gaps, risks, excess capacity, and shortfalls in required skills and create a roadmap for a renewed IT. For the realization of these objectives we offer long-term monitoring and accompaniment.

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IT governance and compliance check.
What is the risk of negligence?

Disjointed systems often found in dense, heterogeneous architectures grown over time make it difficult to achieve end-to-end aggregation in processes and flows of information. This is why extensive translation and mapping routines are used, oftentimes poorly documented and prone to errors. When this leads to misuse, terms like “negligence” and “failure of control mechanisms” quickly find their way onto companies’ agendas.

GAMBIT has developed methods designed to render transparent assessments of IT governance and compliance. When all the lights come up green, your company’s executives can rest easy knowing all of their bases are covered.

It is a given necessity for us that a service provider must be apt to understand the strategic business goals of a company in full. For this reason, strategic IT projects are exclusively carried out by the GAMBIT management.