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Strategic IT.
Laying the foundation for the future.

Information technology is currently undergoing a profound change of importance in companies across all industrial sectors. Digital technologies prepare the ground for new business models, indeed make them possible – keyword “digital transformation”. In this process, IT becomes a strategic factor and contributes directly to value creation. Companies with IT architectures that have grown organically over decades will find it difficult to keep pace with the dynamics of competition and rising customer expectations. Instead, the CIO needs agile IT system landscapes that he can adapt promptly to new digital requirements.

What opportunities do digital technologies offer, what trends are emerging? This has to be aligned with the company’s strategy and based on this, precisely tailored IT strategies have to be developed. GAMBIT supports its customers in its business area Strategic IT. We specialize in modeling IT architectures and processes. The goal: to align these as closely as possible to the strategic corporate goals.

With self-developed SCORE models we take up your strategic objectives and compare and evaluate them with the current possibilities of IT. In this way, gaps, risks, overcapacities or non-existent but required skills become quickly visible and thus controllable.

Our consulting approach is based on the experience gained from hundreds of IT projects. Together with the customer, we work out a comparison between his strategy, the IT-based trends in his market, his technological starting point and the budget. This results in the roadmap for an IT architecture and strategy, the implementation of which we support our customers in the long term.

IT Governance and Compliance Check.
What is the risk of non-compliance?

Historically grown, heterogeneous and non-transparent system architectures often prevent processes and value flows from being consistently aggregated. To overcome system breaks, extensive translation and mapping routines are often used, which are usually poorly documented and prone to errors. Negligence, failure of control mechanisms or abuse are programmed. GAMBIT has developed methods to transparently record and evaluate IT governance and compliance. When all traffic lights are green, this gives the top decision-makers the certain feeling that they will not be personally affected if the worst comes to the worst.

We consider it a prerequisite for successful cooperation that a service provider understands a company’s strategic goals from the ground up in business management. For this reason strategic IT projects are exclusively carried out by members of the GAMBIT management.