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SAP template rollouts.
The art of rapid integration.

Digital business models, individually customized products, mobile end devices, and shorter life-spans of processes and technologies are intensifying global competition and the need for efficient business processes. The reality of ERP in many companies however is quite different: fragmented system landscapes, isolated standalone solutions, and special applications at local level all hamper flexibility, transparency, and efficient interaction.

Harmonizing system landscapes. Integrating ERP processes.

End-to-end harmonization and implementation of harmonized ERP systems is often an arduous journey of numerous obstacles. If many international companies and locations are involved, projects lasting three to five years with costs in the seven- to eight-digit range are not uncommon. In a dynamic competitive environment, this can prove critical.

In addition to considerations of time and costs, cultural differences within heterogeneous project teams are every bit as significant as the mobility and availability of the experts from the company headquarters.

GAMBIT has the tools and experience to handle end-to-end rollouts and associated replacements of non-SAP legacy systems.

The design makes the difference. From scratch or retrofit.

Working closely with client teams, GAMBIT initially develops multiple template levels and types to be used as the basis for accelerated rollouts. The project work incorporates goals and objectives from the top management as well as operational requirements from local units.

If SAP systems already exist in single units, a retrofit is created to set the basis for an accelerated rollout. GAMBIT has developed a rollout readiness check which determines the basic readiness of existing SAP landscapes for the rollout.

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Sequential is history.
Accelerate through industrialization.

Once the template has been fixated, the rollouts are performed in multiple as well as parallel waves. This avoids time-consuming sequential processing and is achieved by decoupling fit/gap-design and build processes, all in regard to timing and personnel/organization. Build content is being industrialized in using series, thus considerably accelerating the creation process of the new systems.