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Transformation Due Diligence:
Think. Decide. Do. Not the other way round!

A commonly held prejudice against IT projects among C-level decision-makers goes like this: “They’re expensive and don’t deliver results.” IT transformations involving significant and far-reaching changes to IT structures are regarded as particularly complex. As a result, projects of this kind are especially challenging for department managers, even at the budgeting phase.

To master these challenges, GAMBIT has developed Transformation Due Diligence (TDD). The aim of TDD is to validate the cost/benefit ratio and potential risks of a complex IT project with a manageable budget.

The study allows decision-makers to estimate the risk profile of a wide variety of project options and to choose a solution that best matches their organization’s particular situation.

Based on insight gained from many transformation projects over the past years, GAMBIT has developed the SCORE methodology for processing TDD efficiently:

SCORE stands for…

SCORE Medthodik - GAMBITs Vorgehensmodell für eine erfolgreiche Due Diligence

… and here’s how it works:

The point of departure is provided by the company’s mid- and long-term strategy as well as its economic objectives.

Our experts transfer these strategic goals and objectives into operating capability profiles for which readiness indicators are determined. Together, these profiles and indicators describe the effort required to achieve the desired target state in the individual categories.

Taking into consideration the organization’s capacities, competencies, budget, and timelines, our team of experts develop alternative implementation scenarios and the associated transformation road maps.

Standardized costing tools and program implementation schedules deliver rapid insight into the costs and benefits of individual alternatives (ROI).

The optimum implementation option for the proposed IT project is being identified and presented to the senior management in a transparent format. You will experience that decent research efforts as our standard procedure for your organization will eliminate the prejudice “IT projects are expensive and don’t deliver results.”

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