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Transformation services.

While corporate structures ensure functionality and stability, they are also increasingly challenged by the rapid pace of globalized markets and their ever shorter-lived trends. The result: Reorganizations, restructuring initiatives, or even the acquisition and sale of companies or business divisions. What all these changes have in common is that they require radical adjustments to the IT landscape.

This entails transforming IT systems – in other words, consolidating, harmonizing, and standardizing them, and even separating them (carve-out) or integrating them elsewhere (carve-in). All of this has to be tackled during ongoing operations, while ensuring system stability, continuity, and availability. The main thing is that initiatives of this kind must be completed without the client being aware of them. This calls for experienced consultants, excellent project planning, and the use of efficient and proven methodologies and tools.

GAMBIT Consulting has developed solutions for all of these IT transformation scenarios – solutions that accelerate the transformation process, minimize risks, and continue to ensure that all regulations concerning documentation of data and processes can be complied with.