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Best Practices in SAP Value Lifecycle Manager

You can use this tool to clearly present your SAP performance, formulate business cases and show possible courses of action.

An SAP system that does not run optimally causes costs. SAP Value Lifecycle Manager is designed to help you better assess and evaluate them – to avoid them.

Unnecessary costs in the SAP environment typically result from missing or incorrectly used functionalities or insufficient interfaces. The use of self-service tools such as the SAP Transformation Navigator, Business Scenario Recommendations Report or Pathfinder shows how to correct such sources of error. SAP Value Lifecycle Manager is another useful tool. It serves as a real-time benchmarking platform for comparing the company with competitors or companies with similar SAP infrastructures. This should make it possible to diagnose and avoid these sources of error.

SAP customers and selected prospects can use SAP Value Lifecycle Manager free of charge and choose from over 50 performance benchmarking assessments. The platform contains online and collaborative tools for the development of business cases and the calculation of projects. Surveys help to diagnose one’s own business processes and functional areas by measuring KPIs and the degree of acceptance (maturity) of best practices and to evaluate the maturity of best practices.

Data for creating specific business cases is collected in templates. Industry and technology trends are recorded in micro surveys. The results of the development of new business cases can be vividly demonstrated in the interactive platform for executives.

GAMBIT supports interested companies in their benchmarking processes and the definition of new business cases using the SAP Value Lifecycle Manager.