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The Internet of Things.


The foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) has been laid by the virtually unlimited availability of high-speed Internet access around the world and the dwindling cost of powerful processors and sensors. As a result, the IoT is now bridging the gap between the realm of physical objects and the potential of online connectivity. Since it is possible to exchange sensor-based status information over the Internet in real time, “things” outfitted with corresponding technology can now provide more than their usual everyday utility.

In the context of industrial applications, this is often referred to as “Industry 4.0”. Here, the combination of sensors, the cloud, and a powerful and available Internet is enabling highly automated processes and business and service models that were never possible before. Another new aspect of this trend is that business models – including those in the “old economy” – are increasingly being run on the basis of IT. The effort of meeting the requirements involved varies in length, depending on the initial situation of the company at hand.

GAMBIT helps break down the technological component of this overall transformation into manageable parts for easier implementation. Your company can then evaluate all necessary efforts considering IT requirements, usable capacity, and available investment budget before embarking on its own journey into the Internet of Things.

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