SAP S/4HANA-Conversion - Individual reworking

With the Code Pushdown it is possible for us to adapt S/4HANA to your individual coding. S/4HANA allows us to work with Native SQL directly in your database - and not in the application program.

Important activities are also still pending in the area of finance activation (also known as finance migration). These are so elementary that S/4HANA should under no circumstances be used before the FI rework is completed. Special reports build application indexes, add due dates and offsetting accounts in FI documents, enrich the balance carryforwards with additional data, and deactivate the reconciliation ledger if necessary. Intensive monitoring enables us to detect inconsistencies and eliminate any errors that may occur.

Once all data has been fully integrated and any errors have been corrected, this important step is successfully completed - and we can deal with the individual selection and customization of your Fiori apps.

With S/4HANA, SAP delivers a large number of standard Fiori apps, such as transaction, analysis or factsheet apps. These can be operated intuitively and can be used flexibly by your employees or colleagues on desktop, smartphone or tablet. But S/4HANA offers even more possibilities for optimal usability. So we can also adapt the Fiori Launchpad to your individual requirements. This concerns for example the display options, the representation of KPIs and much more. And should you require further functionalities: We also take care of the adaptation of Fiori Apps to your needs or we develop and program your own Fiori applications in HTML5 or SAPUI5.

As soon as we have successfully completed this last stage for you as well, your individual roadmap is completed in its entirety - and SAP S/4HANA is available to you in the selected scope. Now you can take advantage of real-time data analysis, increased productivity through digital services, intuitive usability, role-based user interfaces, and more for yourself and your business.

Are you interested in a brownfield approach or a system conversion with GAMBIT? Then simply contact us. We will advise you comprehensively on the migration and support you with your S/4HANA migration.