Simplification of SAP systems

Do you remember why you implemented SAP? You probably had enough of finding supplier and customer numbers several times or using redundant charts of accounts.

Bring new momentum to your SAP system - with SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0

And as soon as everything was set up realistically, the structures in your company changed and the SAP system was too rigid to reflect these changes. We have good news: This is exactly where SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 comes in.

In the first part we already got to know SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 as an SAP tool. In this article we consider the sub-section: "Unifying and transforming data".

Living changes: Simplify and harmonize your SAP system

Every system tends not to be able to keep pace with increasing changes in the company. Even an SAP ERP system, which is exactly there to map the internal processes "as is", is not protected from this. The reasons for this range from company acquisitions or sales, to changes in the fiscal year, to the seemingly simple claim to simplify the system.

Perhaps you also want to introduce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Master Data Management (MDM) and need to make preparations for this, such as debtor harmonization. Whatever the reason, SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0 offers a variety of solutions that can be executed standalone or in combination:

changeover from

  • charts of accounts
  • cost centers
  • profit centers
  • fiscal year
  • asset classes
  • Account Determination in Asset Accounting
  • customer numbers
  • vendor numbers

Renaming of

  • controlling areas
  • company codes
  • material numbers
  • personnel numbers

All-round new: Conversion of Customizing, master data and transaction data

After the conversion, your system looks as if it has always been in this state. Master data, transaction data and Customizing are taken into account. Even customer-specific tables and programs can be integrated.

All of this is done with the help of an original SAP tool and in compliance with all legal requirements for retention and data consistency. Your accountant will thank you for it.

With our many years of successful LT project experience and more than 60 certified Landscape Transformation 2.0 consultants, we are happy to support you in your transformation project.

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