Sebastian Schmitz

"If there is a positive working atmosphere, success is inevitable."

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"If there is a positive working atmosphere, success is inevitable."

Sebastian Schmitz supports the Portfolio, Program & Project Management department in Philipp Fischer's team. Among other things, he is responsible for contact with customers, managing projects and coordinating project members. He also has particular expertise in processes between industry and trade.

Sebastian is Project Manager at GAMBIT.

Like any successful project manager, Sebastian has his priorities clearly in view. "First and foremost is my family - my wife and my two children. Sport comes second. Then comes work."

Sebastian is prepared for the fact that many people are initially surprised by this. "Some then ask whether the job shouldn't take priority." But his favorite sport, the triathlon, simply fascinates him. "There's this thrill of finding out how far I can push myself - and not just physically." Sebastian celebrated a major success at the Ironman in Copenhagen. He took less than ten hours to complete the challenging combination of running, cycling and swimming - a personal record.

To achieve such top performances, Sebastian follows one principle above all: "Consistency is key." In his opinion, consistency pays off more than intensity. This applies not only to sport and work, but also to social media. Sebastian has built up a considerable network on LinkedIn - by posting about the past week almost every Friday. "It's also a chance to reflect on my everyday life," he says.

And what is fourth on Sebastian's list of priorities? "My hometown of Cologne and the carnival!" His involvement as a member of the Nippeser Bürgerwehr not only offers him a lot of variety and companionship. It also reminds him not to take himself too seriously. With the right sense of humor, many things are easier - no matter what your priorities are.

Sebastian's point of view
Everyone is pulling in the same direction

As project manager, Sebastian ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal. And to ensure that the path is clear, he diligently clears all obstacles out of the way for all project members.

At the interface

On the one hand, Sebastian is in constant contact with the customer during the project. On the other hand, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly on the GAMBIT side.

The customized solution

Every project has individual requirements. Sebastian has already gained experience in identifying these with the help of preliminary studies and developing a roadmap for customers such as Edeka.

Things simply run better in a good mood

If there is a good atmosphere in the team, then success is within reach. Sebastian is therefore convinced that you have to enjoy coming to work - and does everything he can to ensure that the team is in a good mood.

Sebastian's current favorite topic
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Together on the right path

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