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A change has taken place in SAP development. "Keep the core clean" is now the motto when it comes to SAP S/4HANA. But how can SAP systems be customized and adapted today?

SAP Development: Individual solutions for individual requirements in SAP S/4HANA

Do you need help mapping a specific process in your company? Are you interested in an SAP Fiori app? You want to rebuild your print forms in SAP or transfer a Z-program from your previous SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA?

These are all tasks for SAP development, tasks for GAMBIT.

We advise you comprehensively - from analysis and conception to implementation and service. We program, try out and test solutions that fit the original and changing requirements in your company. And we always ensure the perfect interaction of these solutions with your SAP system and your entire IT architecture. So you can do business faster, easier and better.

Stefan Burghard, Head of Connectivity + Development

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Perfectly fitting, individual solutions - thanks to SAP development.

The SAP standard and best practices already cover most of the requirements and processes of companies today. Nevertheless, there are requirements in every company that demand individual process and software solutions.

This is the hour of SAP developers - people like you working at GAMBIT. They design, program, test and integrate these individual solutions for your company - and thus align your SAP system perfectly for you.

  • With SAP Fiori, SAP has created a user experience that offers an unprecedented user experience. We help you adapt SAP Fiori specifically to your needs - whether by customizing SAP Fiori or by programming your own app and software solutions.
  • SAP S/4HANA can also be comprehensively extended - in-app, with the Extensibility Framework, as a side-by-side extension in the cloud (e.g. Business Technology Platform) via modern API interfaces or via middleware solutions (Lobster_data, SAP Process Integration, Talend, Dell Boomi, SAP Cloud Integration). For developments in the cloud, we use tools and solutions such as the RESTful ABAP Programming Model (RAP), the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) or the SAP Business Application Studio. We help you find and implement the right solution for your business.
  • Adobe Forms for SAP is the new solution for forms management in SAP - with the help of the solution, forms can be created, filled out, printed or even sent. We help you with the implementation of Adobe Forms for SAP and with your output management.
What is Adobe Forms and what are its benefits? Find out in our knowledge area.

Paradigm shift in SAP development

A new, customized Fiori app for logistics, a new form for your invoices, the connection of a third-party app for logistics to a new SAP S/4HANA system - the tasks in SAP development are many and varied. And they have changed.

In the area of development for SAP, a profound change has taken place with SAP S/4HANA. For a long time, the SAP core was understood as a framework for extensions and additional programming. Unlike in the past, the SAP standard in an ERP system is no longer supplemented or adapted exclusively with its own additions and optimizations.

Existing "gaps" in the SAP system are therefore no longer closed directly in the SAP system itself with the company's own developments, thus making the system more complex in this way and over time. Today, the core of the SAP S/4HANA system should rather remain clean, the entire system leaner and more flexible. The motto is: Keep the core clean!

How can individual solutions be implemented in SAP?

Today, the path always leads via the standard and best practices. With the Best Practices, companies today already have a large number of readily available business processes, most of which are even plug-and-play.

These are "turnkey" solutions - tried and tested applications that can be used to implement business processes optimally. And the number of these solutions and the scope of solutions have increased significantly with SAP S/4HANA.

So in many cases, it is no longer necessary to develop your own software solutions. There are fewer gaps in the standard and, moreover, there are now other, more flexible options for extending the system.

What happens when the standard is not enough?

If the standards and best practices are not sufficient - and this is likely to be the case in most companies as a rule - then several paths and solutions are available for individualization and expansion. If there is not yet a suitable solution, it can be developed by specialists using appropriate tools.

In a contemporary SAP S/4HANA architecture, the extension and software solutions include:

  • Business Cloud apps (from third-party providers or SAP).
  • (permitted) SAP Extensibility Framework extensions, the in-app extensions
  • Side-by-side extensions (non-public or cloud-like).

These solutions are "docked" to the core in a modular and flexible way via OData interfaces and Core Data Services (CDS). They are then connected in real time with the SAP S/4HANA core and the other system components in the running system. The result is permanently cleaner, more flexible, leaner systems.

  • An app is no longer needed after some time because the requirements in the company have changed? Then it can easily be shut down.
  • The company needs a new solution in the short term? Many solutions are already available as business cloud apps - and can be installed very quickly via plug-and-play.
  • The need arises for a more complex application? As a side-by-side development, the solution is operated outside the SAP system and connected conveniently and release-securely via modern and secure interfaces.
Do you need a Fiori app that doesn't exist yet? Here you can find out what we can do for you in the area of fiori app development.

To achieve this state, you need people who know their stuff. It needs developers who have the necessary experience, are proficient in all relevant programming and scripting languages such as ABAP, Java, JavaScript/NodeJS or HTML5, are familiar with all important tools and also keep an eye on new frameworks.

The experts can combine the SAP standard and best practices with the new solutions. In this way, they create exactly what you need in your company - customized solutions that make your processes run more efficiently, more securely and faster, and that keep you flexible in the long run.

Developing mobile applications

This also applies to SAP Mobile, an increasingly important topic. Because with the triumph of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the need for suitable mobile solutions that allow direct access to the SAP system used in the company is also increasing.

In order to take advantage of such solutions, developers are needed who have mastered the development of suitable apps, are familiar with the available tools (such as the SAP Mobile Platform) and can handle the corresponding middleware technologies for connection (such as SAP Gateway).

What are the benefits and risks of mobile applications and what exactly is the SAP Mobile Platform? You can find the answers in our article in the knowledge area.

How do SAP development projects work at GAMBIT?

It is crucial to first look at the exact requirements of the respective company - and on this basis to determine the right tools, the runtime environment and the platform.

Not in every case, for example, the best platform is also the best choice - for example, if the company's own employees are overstrained in their daily handling of it and therefore do not accept and use the technology.

Therefore, every cooperation with GAMBIT starts with an exact analysis and examination of your needs and requirements. This way we will find a solution for you - together with you and optimally and individually fitting to your requirements.

Five good reasons for GAMBIT:

  1. We accompany you from the analysis to the development and implementation of individual solutions with SAP.
  2. We help you set up and customize your SAP S/4HANA architecture - based on state-of-the-art approaches and procedures, with ABAP (RESTful ABAP Programming Model, RAP for short) or Java or JavaScript (Cloud Application Programming Model, CAP for short), with an in-app extension or side-by-side development.
  3. We check your IT via Custom Code Check - and tell you where problems are to be expected.
  4. We bring your company to the cloud - with the help of the SAP Business Technology Platform or contemporary solutions such as side-by-side cloud extensions outside the SAP S/4HANA core.
  5. We advise you comprehensively and always with a view to your strategic and operational goals - so that you find the optimal solution with SAP for your company.

What can you do now?

Talk to us about your requirements and plans. Tell us about your individual wishes. Tell us where you see difficulties.

We will be glad to check together with you how we can meet your needs and requirements in the best possible way so that you can concentrate on what matters most: your business!

Why is GAMBIT the best partner for SAP development?

Your advantages with GAMBIT:

  • Experienced team of more than 15 developers
  • In-depth knowledge of all possibilities to extend SAP systems - in the area of SAP ECC, but especially for contemporary architectures under SAP S/4HANA
  • Comprehensive know-how of the latest tools such as RESTful ABAP (RAP) CDS Views, Eclipse, SAP WebIDE, SAP Business Application Studio or, for example, solutions such as the Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) replaced by RAP.
  • High level of expertise in the areas of state-of-the-art API interfaces (OData V2 and OData V4) and middleware solutions (for example Lobster_data, SAP Process Integration, Talend)
  • Numerous employees certified for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud
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Stefan Burghardt, Head of Connectivity + Development

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