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New implementation or conversion? On-premise or cloud? We have the right answers to your questions and ensure a successful introduction of SAP S/4HANA.

Merger & Acquisitions

IT is a key part of M&A transactions. With our M&A services, we ensure that IT becomes the value driver of your M&A deal.

Data Transformation

With our SAP-certified tools, we ensure homogeneous and consistent data sets and create the prerequisites for effective business processes.

GAMBIT References.

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SAP consulting– GAMBIT is the right place for you.

SAP-Beratung bei GAMBIT goldrichtig.

GAMBIT is an SAP Gold Partner (Germany’s largest software company) and an award-winning employer. As a focused and innovative SAP management consultancy, GAMBIT is one of only seven consulting firms worldwide with the “SAP Recognized Expertise Landscape Transformation” and the first and only successful user of SAP Object Based Transformation (SAP OBT), outside SAP SE.

These figures speak for us:

  • More than 20 years of experience and competence as an SAP management consultant
  • 120 experienced employees, more than 60 of whom are certified in SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0
  • Over 600 successful projects in more than 70 countries.

Prompt and effective solutions for medium-sized companies and large corporations in all sectors are our speciality. Whether you are in the growth phase, restructuring your company or digitizing your business processes, we ensure smooth processes in IT.

The central services of our SAP consulting.


Dienstleistungen der SAP-Beratung.

With SAP S/4HANA, based on HANA in-memory database technology, SAP, Germany’s largest software manufacturer, enables real-time processing, analysis and provision of data – the perfect high-tech response to the increasing acceleration of business processes in the global economy.
This has the following advantages:

  • Rapid speed: Process huge amounts of data at top speed.
  • Maximum application flexibility: Access business transactions in real time.
  • Modern Cloud: Use one of the world’s best cloud platforms.
  • Easy to use: Save time, money and effort with a simplified IT landscape.

You would like to benefit from these advantages and further developments of the software and switch from your current SAP system architecture to SAP S/4HANA?
With GAMBIT-S/4HANA Due Diligence, we are the first SAP consultancy worldwide to offer you a professional concept for the transition that takes full account of your business requirements.

This means for you:
We provide you with the concept for an SAP S/4HANA implementation that is perfectly adapted to your needs and requirements and is aligned to central values for companies in all industries such as high benefit, low risk and high acceptance. To this end, we develop a rough and detailed project plan for various implementation scenarios and then accompany you during the implementation itself. This ensures a smooth system upgrade in your work environment.

Identify and limit risks. One of the first sensible steps is a due diligence examination. Here, risk areas can be identified, quantified and evaluated. After the implementation of SAP S/4HANA, a natural familiarization process is created for the users of the software, but the business processes should meet all the requirements from day one.
By perceiving possible risks, management and IT departments can weigh strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities against each other and incorporate them into the decision to migrate to SAP S/4HANA. Gambit has gained sufficient experience in consulting in various industries to be able to provide objective advice. The risks for the company can be jointly assessed and measures developed to contain a risk.

Recognizing and using advantages. Gambit can name the advantages of SAP S/4HANA in the day-to-day work for a specific company, but can also answer relevant questions of a project partner with high competence:

  • What must a company take into account when changing from previously used SAP system landscapes to SAP S/4HANA?
  • Are there different procedures for implementing SAP S/4HANA? Which would be the right choice for your company?
  • Can existing requirements in the areas of management, marketing, sales, controlling, accounting, purchasing and logistics be satisfied immediately after implementation of SAP S/4HANA? Can we even expect progress? Does SAP S/4HANA provide the tools required to analyze and manage a company in real time when comparing systems?
  • What is the time and cost involved in implementing SAP S/4HANA?
  • What are the advantages for your company if you call in Gambit as a specialist and what tasks or consulting services do we take on?

As a consulting firm specializing in the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, we have the expertise you would have to acquire in a learning process. If you call us in as a service provider, we will work with you to design and implement an optimization of the conversion process.

SAP Central Finance

Having reliable analyses and data at hand in real time is a decisive factor in the modern economy. SAP Central Finance gives you the ability to make the right decisions quickly. Based on SAP S/4 Hana technology, it enables a centralized financial system. Data from SAP and non-SAP ERP systems can be transferred harmonized in this system. Your advantages:

You benefit from

  • real-time financial reporting.
  • Reliable data enables you to make the right decisions quickly.
  • Existing IT and SAP systems can remain unchanged during the implementation of SAP Central Finance.
  • You can use the centralized data from the central finance system for operational processes in shared service organizations. This way you benefit from more efficiency and higher quality.
  • Central Finance offers you simplified possibilities for harmonizing and improving data quality.

SAP Central Finance is ideal for the step-by-step implementation of SAP-S/4-Hana. This enables you to consolidate the existing systems before a migration and prepare a roadmap for the integration of SAP-S/4-Hana at your leisure. All affected systems continue to run in real time. This simplifies the changeover and also ensures that your work processes remain undisturbed.

The speed increases – stay on the ball. Fast reactions are necessary in a time of fast changes: Social media platforms are hyped and disappear just as quickly. Crypto currencies already reach half of the market capitalization of some DAX companies in the conception phase. 5 billion people have become transmitters and receivers on their smartphones simultaneously. The classic communication channels are disrupted. Markets are changing. The old economy must respond to challengers with fresh ideas. Product cycles are becoming shorter and shorter and are being reduced to a good 12 months – for smartphones, for example.

Likewise, a brand cannot afford a roll-out with immature products or services. It is important to have a sense of perceiving market changes in good time, for example through declining quantities, increased price awareness among customers, reduced visitor numbers in the retail trade or in online sales as a dwindling click rate or inadequate conversion.

The time to react to market changes must be gained within the company itself.

Make decisions on a real-time database. With excellent data consolidation and evaluation, market changes can be detected by the company itself at an early stage. From these findings, decisions for measures can be derived and supported.

Requesting and merging the relevant data from the various departments, subsidiaries or even national companies takes time and ties up capacities.

If you use SAP Central Finance, this data is already consolidated and available in real time. It is difficult to gain time in R&D and production. However, this is possible through the use of SAP Central Finance. This time can be used to develop innovative products and to secure market advantages and market position.

Search engines, internet shops and communication service providers regard data and information as the oil of the 21st century. SAP Central Finance is your investment in this area.

The benefits of SAP Central Finance in brief.

  • SAP Central Finance bundles data from different SAP and non-SAP sources (ERP systems) and makes it available in real time.
  • AP Central Finance is the ideal basis for implementing SAP S/4HANA. At the same time, SAP Central Finance is an excellent alternative for companies that do not yet want to completely convert to SAP S/4HANA.

SAP data migration

When implementing SAP systems, it is usually necessary to transfer a large amount of data from previously used software systems. This should be done as quickly and smoothly as possible in order to maintain the productivity of your business processes.
The problem:

A 1:1 takeover is usually not possible. Either the source data deviates from the SAP target data or it does not have the required quality. In addition, data from multiple source systems may not have the required consistency and integrity in a shared SAP system.

Our IT specialists support you with these complex requirements:

  • define an optimal migration strategy
  • ensure maximum data quality
  • Ensure a smooth move to your SAP systems

We are at your disposal for all necessary steps of data migration, from extraction from previously used systems to mapping, conversion, enrichment and harmonisation of this data to import into test, quality assurance and production systems. Finally, we coordinate the results with the responsible departments or persons.

For a smooth move we provide you with a complete Data Migration Toolbox. This is a set of tools with which data can be optimally prepared for import into SAP systems.

Harmonic data migration even with heterogeneous data. An example from practice are very long company names. In our example, in the legacy system, the long company name for sending letters was deliberately divided into two lines so that the company name is not automatically capped at an arbitrary position. In another department of the company, where the completeness of the company name is subordinated to the clarity, the long company name may have been abbreviated or parts have been removed.

Another example is different names in different files for data contents that relate to the same subject matter. These could be designations such as place of residence/location or, in the legal field, address capable of being summoned / postal address.

One database may have the house number in the same field as the street, the other database separately.

Gambit uses proven tools for SAP data migration to harmoniously transfer data into a single consolidated database. The tools can recognize and assign data that is similar in content but labeled differently (such as place of residence and whereabouts).

Migration with current tools.The tools that Gambit provides are not only semantically smart and can therefore assign different data names to each other, the tools are also continuously updated by SAP SE.

Freedom of movement for testing and training with the SAP Test Data Migration Server. Test environments for your departments to test the current state of functionality and the training for your employees in a simulated life-like database cost a lot of storage space and high computer performance for extensive data imports and processing.

The SAP Test Data Migration Server is a convenient solution for both situations. Here your employees have the opportunity to test the migrated data in a neutral, separate environment. Your employees can familiarize themselves with the new system under realistic conditions on this server. On the server side, there is a broadband connection and by outsourcing to the SAP Test Data Migration Server, you do not load any relevant computer capacities in the house.

SAP carve-out

The acquisition of a company is associated with many challenges. One of these is to separate the seller’s IT including all data and processes from the previous environment and integrate them into a new one (carve-in and carve-out). How well this succeeds is often decisive for synergy processes and thus decisive for the development of success or failure of an acquisition.

We offer you an efficient solution for an all-round successful carve-out and carve-in an end-to-end service for IT. This begins with the sales negotiations with an analysis of the respective IT landscapes and their integratability and extends to the completion of the integration. In detail we support you with the following services for carve-in and carve-out:

  1. Before the transaction: Check the buyer’s IT for possible integrations
  2. During due diligence: analyses of opportunities and risks as well as synergies, conception of an integration roadmap
  3. Day 1: Ensuring uninterrupted operation
  4. After closing: Ensuring successful integration and synergies, optimizing systems

Your advantage:You can be sure at all times that the success of your acquisition will not be hindered by IT problems. Trust in the expertise of our employees.

Carve-outs as a value-adding entrepreneurial measure. Conglomerates of the old economy that have grown over decades or even generations are often valued by Anker investors at a discount to the value of the sum of the individual branches of the company. This is due to the greater complexity of the analysis and the fact that business activities are perceived as less transparent because they are less focused.

New disruptive challengers in the market can suddenly make a company’s business areas more attractive, for example e-mobility and autonomous driving. Areas that are state-sponsored or regulated can also undergo rapid change due to environmental protection requirements; prominent examples here are solar promotion, biofuel and nuclear phase-out.

Parts of the company that are dissolved by the parent company benefit from the newly gained independence in that they can make entrepreneurial decisions on shorter routes and focused on one goal. Core competencies can be formulated much more concretely in sales and marketing communication than under the umbrella of the Group; the profile sharpness increases significantly in the perception of potential customers.

Another option could be to spin off venture capital in order to pursue unconventional project ideas with the freedom, motivation and flat structures of a start-up and limited financial risk.

From testing to successful implementation, Gambit is the experienced partner at your side. Gambit can guide you from the first day you consider the idea of a carve-out until the day you complete the carve-out.

In this way you receive an objective and objective assessment of the opportunities and possible risks of the SAP carve-out from an experienced consulting firm. We show you alternative ways of SAP carve-out and make a recommendation for the solution that seems particularly suitable. We accompany you throughout the entire process up to Day 1 of commissioning and beyond. Of course we also offer these services for carve-in.

SAP consulting from IT and SAP

GAMBIT Consulting GmbH offers its customers comprehensive SAP consulting with a focus on SAP transformation projects and preparation for digital transformation. The scope of our consulting portfolios ranges from:

IT transformations are always highly complex and complex projects. The result of the transformation should improve processes or introduce digital processes, increase organizational efficiency and, if necessary, also reduce costs. This presupposes that the management can certainly choose the best solution for the company from the multitude of possible solution options. Therefore, GAMBIT offers a preceding due diligence for particularly extensive projects as support for the decision-making processes in the company committees.

Holistic IT consulting.
IT due diligence by experienced consultants.

With the help of due diligence prior to the project, our customers can make a budget, deadline and future-oriented decision for their planned SAP projects with the help of evaluated solution options.

GAMBIT has developed highly efficient and integrated SAP system analyses and SAP migration tools to lead its SAP projects safely to a successful go-live within the set time and budget. In addition, we support our customers in the efficient operation and continuous development of their SAP system with our SAP Application Management and an experienced SAP developer team.