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Data migration in SAP: secure and reliable!

Data migration from peripheral systems into SAP or within running SAP architectures is a necessity in most of SAP-related IT projects. There are highly complex demands when it comes to data cleansing, preparation, mapping, conversion, and validation. A project failure that becomes evident only at the decisive moment of cutover is usually due to errors during data migration.

Our independent data migration team is serving your projects.

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GAMBIT has put together its own team of highly specialized experts to handle data migration tasks. Over the years and in numerous projects, this team has developed tools, methodologies, and skills that can overcome any obstacles to migration.

The data migration team is deployed in projects managed directly by our clients, GAMBIT, cooperation partners, or third parties. In these cases, we work as subcontractors and assume full responsibility for all content of the data migration and the associated cutover activities. A large number of references involving international players in all industries testify our expertise.

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The right tools for the job. Delivered by pros for any level of complexity.

GAMBIT leverages not only SAP standard tools in the form of the LSMW, TDMS, and SAP Landscape Transformation tool library but also its own collaboration and mapping instruments for data migrations of all levels of complexity. Especially in the areas of duplicate checking, mapping, and transfer simulation without actual postings, GAMBIT has tools that enable preparatory work for data migration in SAP environments to be performed alongside live operations. Various legacy systems can be docked to the SAP system. This enables transfer simulations to be performed, taking specific sets of rules into account, and eliminates risks during the productive data migration.

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