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We master all SAP tools, have our own Data Migration Factory and have already migrated a trillion data records. You need further arguments? Feel free to contact us ...!

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You don't even know how to manage your project anymore? Is your IT team reaching its limits? Then take advantage of our competence and experience! As a rule, we can help you quickly.

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We use original SAP tools and certified tools we have developed ourselves - and thus master data migrations of all complexity levels, for all company sizes and industries.

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Almost every SAP project requires the migration of master data and transaction data. We have the experience. We have the right tools. And we have the certified experts. When do we get to know each other?

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Jochen Knösels, Senior Project Manager

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Highest data quality after data migration guaranteed!

Are you looking for a competent partner for the fast, professional and secure migration of your SAP data? Use our Data Migration Factory for

  • Data migrations to SAP S/4HANA
  • Data migrations in SAP rollout projects
  • Closing your capacity gaps in the SAP migration area
  • Professional and tool-based support for data preparation (mapping, cleansing, etc.)
  • Maximum relief for your departments by taking over tiresome and time-consuming work on master and transaction data.

Services our Data Migration Factory

Experienced and SAP-certified migration experts work in our "Data Migration Factory". These specialists support you in your implementation projects in all areas of data migration.

The offer ranges from temporary support and assistance to the complete takeover of data migration in your projects. And this applies both to customer-owned projects and to projects of other SAP consulting companies. In such cases we act as SAP migration partner.

Our services include

  • Data extraction and preparation
  • Intelligent data analysis
  • Data cleansing and harmonisation
  • Creation of mapping and conversion rules and regulations
  • Validation and tuning routines
  • import procedures

For your data migration we exclusively use our certified collaboration tool "GAMBIT Migration Workbench" as well as the SAP certified original tools SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit, SAP Data Services, SAP Object Based Transformation and SAP LSMW.


  • Flexible closure of your capacity gaps
  • Conservation of your department resources
  • Flexible application possibilities and contract design
  • Use of audit-proof and certified migration procedures and tools

SAP data migration

  • Are you implementing SAP S/4HANA or are you in one of the strategic preliminary projects for SAP S/4HANA implementation?
  • You are planning or are in a SAP-relevant changeover project?
  • Are you rolling out SAP and replacing existing legacy systems?
  • Are you consolidating or separating your SAP system landscape?
  • And do you need an experienced partner who can take over the data migration tasks in your project, either in whole or in part, with the utmost precision and a guarantee of success?

In such cases we look forward to hearing from you, because this is exactly what our Data Migration Factory can do for you!

Use our Data Migration Factory as a partner for your SAP project

Our offer is aimed at companies that carry out SAP projects with data migration relevance on their own. In addition, we support consulting companies in their customer projects - regardless of whether this is for reasons of time, capacity or content.

Our migration factory is usually ready for immediate use. Our consultants are accustomed to adapting quickly to the individual requirements of companies - precisely, easily and without complications.

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Do you have any questions? I will be glad to help you. Jochen Knösels, Senior Project Manager Do you have any questions? I will be glad to help you.

We are your partner for all questions and requirements around SAP. Contact us for a personal conversation.


Certified and audit-proof SAP Data Migration

Almost every SAP project requires the professional migration of master and transaction data. This applies to new implementations, restructuring, M+A, modernization or digitalization.

Such projects are often under high time, capacity, cost and success pressure. The correct and timely transfer of the relevant master and transaction data - with or without history - is often decisive (among many other issues) for a successful go-live. In this respect, the handling of your company's legacy data requires maximum precision.

Our Data Migration Factory extracts, transforms, cleanses and migrates all relevant master and transaction data in a certified and audit-proof manner.

We prefer to use the following tools:

  • SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Object Based Transformation (OBT)
  • SAP Landscape Transformation 2.0
  • GAMBIT Data Migration Cockpit

Secure SAP Data Migration

A secure and error-free SAP data migration requires expert knowledge.

In almost every IT project involving SAP, data must be migrated either from environment systems to SAP or within running SAP system architectures. This involves complex requirements for data cleansing, preparation, mapping, conversion and testing in SAP.

A project failure only becomes visible at the decisive moment of the cutover. However, it is often caused by an unclean data migration. The specialists of GAMBIT ensure that the cutover runs smoothly.

SAP Data Migration: The GAMBIT Data Migration Team

We ensure a functioning SAP system. Our Data Migration Team is used in various projects - in projects which are directly handled by our customers, but also by GAMBIT cooperation partners or third parties.

We then work as sub-contractor and take over the complete responsibility for all contents of the SAP data migration and the related cutover activities.

A multitude of references of internationally operating companies of all industries testify to the expertise of our team. If, after the successful migration of the data, it is necessary to establish a continuous reporting system, the GAMBIT program SAP Master Data Management helps.

Original tools for data migration into SAP - for every level of complexity

GAMBIT uses both SAP standard tools and own tools for effective SAP data migration.

  • Standard tools include LSMW, TDMS and SAP Landscape Transformation Tools.
  • Our own tools include collaboration and mapping tools for data migrations of all levels of complexity.

Especially in the areas of duplicate checking, mapping and transfer simulation without real posting, GAMBIT has the appropriate tools. They allow to work on the preparation of data migration in SAP environments parallel to the live operation.

Thereby, different predecessor systems can be docked to SAP. This procedure allows to carry out transfer simulations under consideration of individual sets of rules and to exclude the risks during the productive data migration.

SAP OBT: How to master the system move without data loss

SAP Object-based Transformation (OBT), for example, is a tool that enables the object-based transfer of data content with and without conversion routines across system boundaries.

Thanks to the object-oriented structure of the tool set, even the most complex transfers can be parameterized and implemented according to customer-specific requirements. Data volumes in the terabyte range are no problem compared to conventional LSMW procedures.

SAP OBT is part of LT 2.0 and is particularly suitable for the migration and cleansing of heterogeneously grown master and control data.

The most popular application example of SAP OBT-based data transfers is the company code transfer from an SAP source system to an SAP target system. In addition, SAP OBT is especially used in the preparation of the implementation of SAP S/4HANA, system consolidations, company code splits or plant relocations.

The advantages of OBT are

  • flexibility (e.g. transformation of customer-specific tables or data)
  • an almost failure-free transformation (e.g. business continuity or availability of historical data) and
  • an optimized performance, because downtimes are almost completely avoided.

SAP Object Based Transformation is exclusively used outside SAP by GAMBIT.

GAMBIT has further improved the OBT functions which already offer many advantages over the classical data transfer. Therefore, a parallel transformation, harmonization or consolidation instead of a sequential implementation is now possible.

Data migration to SAP - extremely important for almost every SAP project

An SAP data migration is an extremely relevant part of almost every SAP project. A successful data migration ensures that the SAP system can automate business processes after a go live and deliver unambiguous figures in reporting. Application cases with data migration requirements are, for example:

  • M&A carve-out
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Consolidation, harmonisation and standardisation
  • Restructuring of SAP systems
  • SAP S/4HANA Introduction

Data extraction and preparation

The basis of every SAP data migration is, of course, the extraction of data from the previous system. This process can begin as soon as you have defined which master data and transaction data is to be transferred from the legacy system.

The subsequent preparation is a rather technical process that can be automated with special tools depending on the individual scenario.

The data records are rarely transferred directly to the new SAP solution. Rather, some intermediate steps are run through with the help of suitable migration software. It is therefore important to prepare the extracted data in such a way that it can be used in the migration tool used. A typical output format is CSV, for example.

Intelligent data analysis

An SAP migration is always an excellent opportunity to critically analyze and clean up the existing data. So there is a chance to get rid of unnecessary ballast from the past.

For this reason, we first subject the extracted master and transaction data to an intelligent analysis. As a result, data quality can be assessed according to several criteria - such as timeliness, completeness and redundancy.

As a rule, anomalies are then checked by the responsible department. This check is performed according to defined rules. The next step can follow if duplicates are determined beyond doubt, incorrect and obsolete data records are determined, and inconsistencies are identified.

Data cleansing and harmonisation

Poor data quality reduces the efficiency of processes as well as customer and employee satisfaction. In the worst case scenario, it can even lead to wrong entrepreneurial decisions.

It is therefore important to clean up and harmonize the data records before importing them into the new SAP system. Duplicates are less critical here than errors in the data structure and in dependencies.

The experts of GAMBIT use professional tools in this field. In case of a restructuring, these tools do not only consider the requirements of the departments but also the information potential of the data. Thus, already in this step an optimal starting position for later evaluations and reports is created.

Creation of mapping and conversion rules and regulations

As soon as a cleansed dataset is available, the data must be transformed into an SAP-compliant format. Mapping tables that contain the fields of the source and target systems are a common and recommended tool for this purpose.

However, since the data often cannot be transferred one-to-one, conversion rules must also be defined.

Examples are

  • different date formats
  • upper and lower case
  • Different data types (for example, INT vs. CHAR)
  • the setting of a sign
  • the addition of leading zeros
  • the filling of fields with fixed values or
  • the conversion of tax codes.

It may also be necessary to combine individual postings into cumulative values.

Validation and tuning routines

Before the data can be finally transferred to the new SAP system, we recommend that you validate the migration results. Validation procedures are defined and implemented for this purpose.

These procedures enable both qualitative and quantitative tests. For example, the transformed data can be subjected to an (automated) totals and balance reconciliation.

If invalid values are identified by the reconciliation between the legacy system and the target system, our experts correct them easily using suitable tools. Manual spot checks round off this step.
If the test migration was successful, the actual migration process to the production environment can begin.

Import procedures

There are several options for transferring datasets to an SAP system. These include batch input, direct input, IDoc input, records, BADIs and ALE. All of these procedures are available when using SAP LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench).

However, the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit is also increasingly being used. The Migration Cockpit is a component of SAP S/4HANA. It simplifies the migration process by providing ready-made templates.

In any case, master data must first be migrated to the new system. Only then can the transaction data be transferred to the production system at a defined time. The goal is always to reduce downtime to a minimum.

Further information can also be found here: SAP harmonization, SAP Restrukturierung and S/4HANA Implementation.

Data Migration Services by Activity.

In almost every IT project involving SAP, data must be migrated either from surrounding systems to SAP or within running SAP system architectures.

There are complex requirements for data cleansing, preparation, mapping, conversion and testing in SAP. Our specialists reliably ensure that the cutover runs smoothly.

The activities include:

  • Development of migration strategies
  • Provision of migration guides and instructions
  • Prescan of legacy systems
  • Extraction of data objects from legacy systems
  • Support and execution of field mapping activities
  • Creation of rules and regulations and their technical implementation
  • Execution of multi-level duplicate analyses
  • Support with data cleansing
  • Support for data expansion
  • Execution of data conversions
  • Support for data harmonization
  • Support in troubleshooting
  • Setup and provision of data samples for test scenarios
  • Execution of data uploads in test and quality assurance systems
  • Execution and support of test and quality assurance activities
  • Execution of data uploads in production systems
  • Provision of reconciliation tools and reports
  • Support in data validation and verification
  • Support for cut-over management
  • Coordination of data migration activities by customer employees or third parties
  • Data Migration Project Management.

Data Migration Services by Data Objects.

Transformation projects usually involve different levels. We solve your data migration problems - very efficiently, quickly and flexibly.

The data objects include:

  • installations
  • Contact for
  • work schedules
  • workplaces
  • workplace hierarchies
  • selected sets
  • Purchase requisitions (requisitions)
  • bank master data
  • holdings
  • orders
  • Orders incl. order history
  • balance
  • rebate agreements
  • Accounting documents (historical)
  • codes
  • code groups
  • Purchasing info records
  • conditions of purchase
  • purchase contracts
  • equipment
  • product costing
  • construction contracts
  • production resources and tools
  • production versions
  • financial items
  • freight conditions
  • dangerous goods master data
  • business partner
  • business processes
  • Business process groups
  • business process tariffs
  • income statement balances
  • P&L structures
  • handling units
  • internal orders
  • grades
  • classification
  • terms and conditions
  • chart of accounts
  • account balances
  • contract
  • contract release orders
  • cost categories
  • Cost element groups
  • cost centers
  • Cost center groups
  • cost center hierarchies
  • credit limits
  • Customers - open items
  • Customer/material info records
  • client orders
  • customer hierarchy
  • customer master agreements
  • customer master data
  • Customer master data incl. credit limit and classification
  • storage bins
  • activity types
  • Activity type groups
  • activity type tariffs
  • Suppliers - open items
  • supplier evaluation
  • vendor master data
  • Supplier master data incl. classification
  • supplier contracts
  • delivery schedules
  • material documents
  • material master data
  • Material master data incl. classification
  • Characteristics/Class characteristics
  • Accounts receivable open items
  • Open items Creditors
  • Open items G/L accounts
  • order books
  • personnel bases
  • Prices and conditions
  • price lists
  • production supply areas
  • profit center
  • Profit Center Groups
  • projects
  • commission agreements
  • inspection characteristics
  • inspection plans
  • WBS elements
  • framework agreements
  • control loops
  • resources
  • recipes
  • routes
  • route finding
  • G/L accounts
  • G/L accounts - open items
  • G/L account master data
  • Statistical key figures
  • Statistical key figure groups
  • tax key
  • parts lists
  • Technical sites
  • allocation cycles
  • sales documents
  • selling prices
  • sales partners
  • maintenance schedules
  • WM inventories
  • WM storage bins

GAMBIT Data Migration Toolbox

GAMBIT provides you with a complete data migration toolbox for the simplified and structured transfer of data into your SAP systems.

With this set of tools, you can easily prepare your data according to your requirements and prepare it for import into your SAP systems.

The Data Migration Toolbox is primarily used for initial data loading into SAP systems. The functions can also be used for permanent interfaces or for recurring data maintenance.

Useful extension of the available standard tools

The data preparation tools are prepared for easy import of the data to be transferred into your SAP systems. Here, the GAMBIT Data Migration Toolbox is primarily based on the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) provided by SAP AG, which is already completely set up with the necessary functions. It is especially designed for the Data Transfer Workbench (DX Workbench) in SAP.

The combination of both methods corresponds to the recommended procedure. It has the particular advantage that validated transfer programs are used. These are subject to regular software maintenance by SAP SE. The tools provided are designed for optimum performance, maximum data integrity, flexibility and simple error handling.

Thus, the GAMBIT Data Migration Toolbox extends the SAP standard scope of functions where necessary data migration functionalities are not available in sufficient scope so far. Thus, for example, pre-scans of particularly critical field contents are possible at any time. In addition, data uploads can be simulated, upload protocols can be extended by important information or structured data provision for necessary reconciliations can be enabled.

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Jochen Knösels, Senior Project Manager

Do you have any questions? I will be glad to help you.

+49 2241 8845-616


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