Elena Tepper

"An honest smile, a positive attitude and appreciation... for me an important key to success!"

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"An honest smile, a positive attitude and appreciation... for me an important key to success!"

Elena Tepper works as a project administrator in Philipp Fischer's team. As the interface between pre-sales and project management, she is responsible for project coordination, document maintenance, preparing deadlines and project quality management, among other things.

Elena is a project administrator at GAMBIT.

“If you're ever looking for someone, let me know.” It all started with this sentence. Elena was working in service for a car dealership at the time, happened to bring a car to GAMBIT in Troisdorf and was immediately impressed by the atmosphere at the company location. The question was soon followed by an interview - and then the acceptance. “The job was exactly what I was looking for at the time,” says Elena. She has been working at GAMBIT since 2018, initially as a Front Office and Fleet Manager. Thanks to her great affinity for cars, she particularly enjoyed this task. She now works as a project administrator and is dedicated to new challenges. “But even though I can now work from home as much as I like, I still enjoy coming into the office,” says Elena. Every now and then, she is accompanied by her Chihuahua Skittles, who keeps her on her toes after work when she goes for a walk. “Fortunately, I love spending my free time in nature. So much so that I want to get a few chickens soon,” she reveals with a laugh. “I've wanted to fulfill that dream for a long time.” Elena is just like a working day at GAMBIT - always good for a surprise.


Enjoy working, no matter where you are

“I never used to have the opportunity to work from home,” says Elena. She really appreciates the fact that she can now choose freely. Nevertheless, Elena still enjoys traveling to the office to see her team.

Country love

After work, Elena can most often be found in the great outdoors. Whether out and about with her dog or exploring a new walking route - Elena prefers to spend her free time outdoors.

Well supplied throughout the working day

From breakfast to lunch to coffee breaks - Elena really appreciates the fact that her physical well-being is always taken care of in the office. “It makes my everyday life easier - and tastier,” she says.

Early riser

On the scale between night owl and lark, Elena is definitely an early bird. She prefers to get up at half past five - and enjoys the morning peace and quiet to get her work done.

Elena's current favorite topic

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