Elena Tepper

"An honest smile, a positive attitude and appreciation... for me an important key to success!"

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"An honest smile, a positive attitude and appreciation... for me an important key to success!"

"If you're ever looking for someone, let me know." It all started with this sentence. At the time, Elena was working in service for a car dealership, happened to bring a car to GAMBIT in Troisdorf and was immediately impressed by the atmosphere at the company location. The question was soon followed by an interview - and then the acceptance. "The job was exactly what I was looking for at the time," says Elena. She has been part of the team since 2018 as Front Office Manager and now as Fleet Manager, and has since helped to completely rebuild the fleet management for GAMBIT, among other things. The trained hotel manageress has always had a soft spot for cars and therefore trained as a service assistant at AUDI/VW after working for various hotels. Today, in addition to managing the company car, she takes care of the appointment overviews for her colleagues, organises lunch and welcomes customers and visitors at GAMBIT. "Every day is different and that's what I like about my job," she says. "The organisation, the contact with so many different people and the cars - for me it's the perfect mix and the perfect job!"

Elena is the Front Office and Fleet Manager at GAMBIT. She is often the first point of contact for GAMBIT's guests and organises the in-house processes.


Runs like clockwork

Elena is responsible for fleet management - from vehicle delivery to organising tyre changes and service appointments.

Who can be reached where and when?

The weekly schedules provide information about where the colleagues are currently working or whether they are on holiday - and Elena ensures that they are always up-to-date and well-maintained.

Welcome to GAMBIT!

Whether applicants, customers, tradesmen or parcel deliverers - together with two other colleagues, Elena welcomes visitors to GAMBIT at the Troisdorf site.

Is everything ready for the day?

One of the first things Elena does early in the morning is to go to the coffee kitchens in the building - she switches on the machines and looks after things. No coffee in the office? Unimaginable for many of us!