Fabian Fröhlingsdorf

"I help companies to find the right IT solution for their goals - for more efficiency and greater competitiveness".

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"I help companies to find the right IT solution for their goals - for more efficiency and greater competitiveness".

A car that is connected to the house. And a smartphone that can communicate with all objects in the house. Well, it's not quite there yet. But if Fabian has his way, all this is definitely desirable - and preferably tomorrow, not in the distant future. The Senior Executive Consultant of GAMBIT is enthusiastic about new technologies and often one of the first users who try them out in everyday life. Fabian has already transformed his own house, for example, into a "Smart Home" with numerous sensors, small technical helpers and a Raspberry Pi as server: from the heating control to the alarm system, from the lighting and the TV set to the vacuum cleaner robot. And when he drives to the office from Leverkusen in the morning, of course, if possible only with the electric drive of his hybrid vehicle. But Fabian is not only passionate about technology and IT in everyday life - it also determines his professional career. From 2009 on Fabian did an apprenticeship as IT specialist at GAMBIT and completed a dual study of business informatics at the FHDW in Bergisch Gladbach. After his bachelor's degree he worked as a logistics consultant and in the development department from 2011. And that is not all: in 2015 he completed a part-time master study course IT Management and Information Systems at the FHDW. Afterwards Fabian changed to the project management department at GAMBIT. "When I come home in the evening, I usually don't need any technology to switch on the light or the music system - my four children have already done that for a long time.“

Fabian is Senior Executive Consultant in the area of portfolio, program and project management of GAMBIT.


Various project management

As project manager Fabian is currently responsible for the greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA, the introduction of QM in the automotive industry or the chart of accounts reorganization with SAP LT.

One focus: SAP Logistics

Fabian deals with the project management of logistic and technical projects as well as preliminary analyses and thus especially with the topic of SAP logistics - from production to materials management.

Fabian's current favorite topic
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