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Post Merger Integration – Carve in.
Carve in SAP systems quickly and efficiently. Leverage synergies.

Post-merger scenarios for IT systems are often set out in contractual agreements between sellers and buyers long before actually being put into practice. As a result, business combinations are not usually completed when the buyer assumes responsibility for operating existing SAP/ERP system landscapes. Following the transition, fast, reliable IT is key if buyers are to swiftly tap into the planned synergies from their acquisition.

The challenge here is that the seller’s and buyer’s IT system architectures usually differ significantly. This is compounded by discrepancies in how the content of core processes in the SAP systems are structured. This also applies to differences in connected non-SAP systems and in the organizational responsibility of operating the systems.

GAMBIT has compiled a guideline containing the questions relevant to identifying and evaluating potential integration scenarios during post-merger integration. We leverage our experience from a wide range of projects to shed light on differences between the units involved in terms of organization, processes, and technology – and to identify the most efficient path to integration.

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One-stop harmonization and integration.

The greatest challenge in PMI projects oftentimes is the integration of disparately configured system landscapes. The target scenario is seldom a purely technical integration. Efficient integration generally calls for harmonization of the commercial management and control systems, system-based paperless intercompany processes, or the use of shared master data.

To support the required harmonization, GAMBIT uses tools that allow identical and differing data to be pinpointed, and additionally handle the required mapping tasks. A dedicated team of harmonization and migration specialists ensures that clients ultimately are released from having to support two differing approaches in one shared system.


What limits?

GAMBIT SAP Post Merger

In short, when it comes to technical implementation of post-merger integrations, SAP software knows practically no limits. Data is transferred from source and target systems using SAP-certified tools, enabling virtually any form of integration with single-step upstream harmonization and mapping.

GAMBIT is the world’s first SAP-certified company to successfully deploy the company code transfer scenario, in which dedicated tools are used to migrate entire company codes between differently configured SAP systems.