Geraldine Hoffmann

"To make sure that people can develop professionally and personally - that's what makes me happy and motivates me."

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"To make sure that people can develop professionally and personally - that's what makes me happy and motivates me."

As Senior Professional HR, Geraldine Hoffmann is part of Sabine Goebbels' team. Among other things, she is responsible for personnel development and coaching and is dedicated to the development and expansion of HR processes at GAMBIT.

Geraldine's fields of activity

With strategic planning and fresh ideas

How and where does a company find the best workforce? To meet this challenge in the best possible way is a task that Geraldine is intensively engaged in in human resources management.

Just a trend - or a necessary innovation?

When digitalisation and globalisation change the world of work, companies also have to move with the times. For GAMBIT, Geraldine keeps an eye on the latest trends and developments.

Geraldine is Senior Professional HR at GAMBIT.

Always on the drive to work, often jogging in the park and sometimes even cooking - whenever the opportunity presents itself, Geraldine listens to podcasts. That's not the only way you can tell that she likes to delve deep into a wide range of topics instead of just staying on the surface.

Geraldine's day-to-day work is also about depth. Through personnel development measures such as coaching and leadership training, she helps her colleagues to grow beyond themselves. Because when employees develop personally, everyone benefits. Geraldine is convinced of this. Individual well-being increases, employees can do their job even better - and the company's success grows!

After working abroad in Scotland and Australia, Geraldine began her career in HR management at a telecommunications provider in Bonn before moving to an IT company in Cologne. Geraldine has been with GAMBIT since September 2019. She lives with her family in the north of Cologne. In her free time, she supports mothers with challenges in the area of conflict between motherhood and work.

Geraldine's favorite topic
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