Janina Koslowski

"Visit GAMBIT on LinkedIn, XING, YouTube or Instagram. We look forward to sharing it with you."

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"Visit GAMBIT on LinkedIn, XING, YouTube or Instagram. We look forward to sharing it with you."

"Life without a pug is possible - but pointless." Loriot was absolutely right. In Janina's case, "Pug" would have to be replaced by "Sheltie", but Janina has not the slightest doubt about the senselessness of a life without a dog. Her dog is called Fips, is a lively and watchful philanthropist, now and then a guest at GAMBIT as office dog in the marketing department - and even has his own Instagram account (and almost 4000 followers). The account not only reflects the life of Fips, but also shows what Janina likes to do: social media, photography and good design. She learned the latter from scratch: More than ten years ago Janina studied communication design in Düsseldorf and subsequently worked for the communication agency Havas Germany, among others. Most recently she worked as art director for the agency "die guerillas" in Wuppertal, where she designed campaigns for FC Schalke 04 and the Landessportbund NRW, among others.

Janina is Head of Social Media and Brand Communication. She takes care of the social media channels of GAMBIT as well as the design and implementation of whitepapers, exhibition stands and advertisements.



We exchange ideas, inform, make contacts - everything about social media. At GAMBIT Janina maintains the different social media channels and thus ensures a coherent appearance of the company on the net.

A new face for whitepapers and references

In 2019 GAMBIT has introduced a new Corporate Design. Since then, Janina and a colleague have revised all existing publications and also let all new publications shine in new splendor.

Have you read our brochure on ...?

A flyer for graduates about the job of a consultant, brochures or advertising material for events and congresses - all of this also wants to be uniformly designed. After all, we want them to recognise us!

From the DSAG annual congress to the alumni congress

Trade fairs and congresses require a lot of attention and planning. When it comes to designing exhibition stands or advertising space, Janina has her hat on. And underneath is the creativity that is needed.

Janina's current favorite topic
2019 07 16 janina koslowski 1444x1444px 02
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