Thomas Meyer

"Change has become a real constant in many companies - we enable them to tackle change proactively!"

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"Change has become a real constant in many companies - we enable them to tackle change proactively!"

Together with his team, Thomas Meyer supports GAMBIT's customers in joint projects in all change processes - from training management and participation measures to communication. He also organizes internal specialist training at GAMBIT with the change and education team.

Thomas Meyer is Head of Change and Education at GAMBIT.

"I'm actually not the best example," says Thomas when asked how to become a change manager. He found his profession in a roundabout way. After leaving school, Thomas first learned a trade, then caught up on his A-levels and finally studied psychology. "I've always been interested in how the world of work develops."

Thomas is interested in change - and not just in everyday working life. Does he have any tips on how to master them in your private life? "I'm a big fan of the growth mindset." Roughly speaking, this means shifting the focus of change - away from the risks and towards the opportunities.

People with a growth mindset would never say "I can't sing", for example, but always "I can't sing yet". "I'm experiencing that myself right now," says Thomas. He recently started singing in a choir with his father and brother.

Despite all the changes, music is a constant in Thomas' life. He loved music as a child, discovered hip-hop as a teenager and even today he is always finding new artists that inspire him. "I'm inspired by artists who do something completely different in their own way and stand out as a result."

Always inspired by change - we can't imagine a better example of a change manager.

Thomas' points of view
The triad of change

Thomas follows three basic principles in change management: Communication, training and participation. Based on these principles, major changes in companies are most successful.

Finding your own voice

Each person learns best in a different way. That's why Thomas and his team try to offer a selection of different learning methods in their training courses. So there is something for everyone!

In harmony with the team

Even though Thomas' team is spread all over Germany, the team spirit among his colleagues is very strong. "That really inspires me," says Thomas. "We want to keep improving together."

Strike a quiet note sometimes

Thomas likes to spend his free time doing sports, listening to music or enjoying nature. But sometimes he just wants to laze around with his partner and his dog. It's all in the mix!

Thomas' current favorite topic
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Seeing change as an opportunity

If you would like to learn more about change management, Thomas recommends this link:

Change Management