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IT Due Diligence.

Validate synergies and risks while keeping an eye on integration.

Sales and acquisitions of companies are major events, and this is especially true for the IT organizations involved. Without a doubt, the top priority for the IT department is ensuring that IT operations continue without disruption after a change in ownership (day one).

Due to the immense time pressure during the due diligence phase of M&A transaction planning, IT-related aspects that contribute to value and success do not always get the attention they deserve. A recent study by McKinsey has shown that 50% of the initiatives intended to capture synergies during M&A transactions are directly or indirectly related to IT. In a similar study by Ernst & Young, more detailed IT due diligence could have led to better financial performance in 47% of M&A transactions.

This is contrary to the conventional perception of the role of IT as reflected in a 2014 study by Forbes looking at the 20 most important due diligence activities. In this study, IT appears only as a subitem under the general heading of technology. GAMBIT brings the wealth of experience it has gained from numerous strategic IT carve-out and post-merger integration projects to the area of commercial due diligence.