Gambit Consulting - About us

What will be your next move?

Gambit Consulting - About us

You don't want a career according to a pattern, but a career that suits you and your strengths? At GAMBIT we support you on your way - individually, personally and with the help of suitable concepts.

Your professional prospects at GAMBIT

No matter whether you start at GAMBIT after your studies or as a Senior Consultant with ten or more years of professional experience - you always have the chance to develop yourself and to advance your career. At GAMBIT we support and accompany you on your way. Lifelong learning is important to us. With our personnel development concept you will never lose your orientation and always remain flexible. Realise your ideas with us. Take on management responsibility and lead your own projects. And make exactly the career you have always wanted.

Personnel development concept

Karriereplanung qualifikation

Your professional qualification

Knowing your stuff has a lot to do with knowledge and experience. We make sure that you are always up to date professionally. In courses and training sessions, we teach you what you don't know yet. Other courses help you to regularly refresh your knowledge.

Karriereplanung entwicklung

Your personal development

Presenting solutions, giving a presentation at an event, solving conflicts in a team or in a project - you can learn all this with us or improve your skills. In our courses and workshops, you regularly work on your personal strengths.

Karriereplanung flexibel

Remain professionally flexible

At GAMBIT, too, you will sooner or later commit to a professional direction and a certain career path, for example in project management. But that doesn't mean you don't have the choice to change at some point. We support you in going your own way.

Our common goal

Together we can achieve a lot - for our clients and as a company, in the team and for each individual. With your work, your ideas and your skills, you make a decisive contribution to our success - and we support you on your way, systematically and permanently. We always want to achieve the best results for our customers. And for this we need employees who are among the best in their field, who are motivated and committed - people like you. At GAMBIT you can realise your ideas and dreams, keep learning and grow with your tasks. And you can have the career you want: directly after your studies or as a professional after many years in the group or in other consulting companies.