Emre Cetin

"Standing still slows down progress. Only those who move make progress!"

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"Standing still slows down progress. Only those who move make progress!"

"Always learning new things is something I enjoy enormously and is simply part of my life," says Emre. He explains that he has continued his education throughout his life, often while working. He has already successfully completed further training to become a federally certified sales manager and is currently completing further training to become a certified marketing and sales manager NDS HF in Switzerland.

"Once I've done that, I'll have the two highest in-service degrees in sales in Switzerland, and I'll have earned a little break - at least until I start my bachelor's degree next year," he said, laughing. In his job, too, the trained office and retail salesman has been drawn more and more toward sales in recent years, most recently as an account manager for Abacus business software solutions in Switzerland and as head of sales at a Swiss IT company.

Emre was born and raised in Austria not far from the Swiss border, but has lived and worked in Switzerland for more than five years. "When I moved, my cats had to come with me, of course," Emre says. "In the meantime, there are already seven of them. Sounds a lot and it is a lot, but I just love cats - among other things, because they are just as curious as I am!"

Emre is Sales Executive at GAMBIT in Switzerland and takes care of getting companies excited about GAMBIT's solutions.


From person to person

What does Emre find particularly exciting and "beautiful" about sales? The personal conversations with other people and all the aspects that play a role - whether gestures, facial expressions, body language or tonality.

What is the need?

A very central part of Emre's work is to identify the actual needs of people and companies. Only if he succeeds in doing this can he offer customers suitable solutions or tailor them.

In person on site instead of always just virtually

Emre conducts a lot of conversations virtually. However, he still prefers direct personal contact on site, because this allows him to better understand and "feel" where the shoe pinches.

Digital transformation with new solutions

GAMBIT is a partner that supports and advises companies in all matters of digital transformation - also and especially with innovative solutions that GAMBIT also develops for companies.

Emre's current favorite topic
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